Free Software Recommended by Scorchsoft

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This is a fairly comprehensive list of freely available software and open source software that we recommend.

Dropbox adds a folder to your computer that synchronizes with the drop box servers. It is a great tool to automatically back up important files.
VLC Media Player
The swiss army knife of video players. Need to play a video file that doesn't play in windows media player? This is a must.
AVG Free - Anti Virus
Free anti-virus software for a non-commercial windows computer. Fast, expansive and better than a lot of paid antivirus scanners.
Songbird - Music Player
Think of this as a lightweight alternative to iTunes. This lean and user friendly application makes light work of organising your music collection.
Mozilla Firefox - Web Browser
This is an open source web browser. It is a fantastic alternative to internet explorer and have a massive wealth of plug ins and themes that greatly extend its feature set.
Google Chrome - Web Browser
This is another great internet explorer replacement. It's plug in repository isn't quite as good as that of firefox but it sure is lightening fast.
Filezilla - FTP client
If you know what FTP is then filezilla is a great free tool for editing files on your web server.
IE Tester - Web Browser
This is a web browser that allows you to test internet explorer 5.5,6,7,8 and 9 in a handy environment.
Notepad ++ - Text Editor
A very powerful text editor. Great for all your text editing needs.
GIMP - Image and Photo Editor
This is the best free photo and image editing tool on the market. It is open source, is regularly updated and has a large array of extensions available. Want to create, edit and retouch images? Give it a try.
This is a really stylish to do list manager. It syncronises your to do list online so you will never lose it and it even had a convenient iphone application.
Handbrake - Video Conversion
If you are into video editing or ripping DVD movies then this is a great tool for trans coding your videos into mpeg4. It has handy presets for converting for playback on portable devices such as PSP and iPOD.
Apache httpd Web Server
This turns your local machine into a web server. Install alongside php and mysql to create an environment for creating bespoke websites and web applications.
Install along apache to create and test php web applications on your local computer.
MySQL installs a database onto your computer that can be accessed in conjunction with PHP and the Apache web server.
This pack contains mysql query browser and mysql administrator. This are great tools that replace the need to use the command prompt to run database queries and set up database users and permissions.
Adobe Reader
A bit bloated, but allows you to open pdf files.
Java Runtime Environment
Java is growing greatly in popularity. Having this installed on any Windows, Mac or Linux computer will allow you to run java applications.
Java Dev Kit
This provides all of the libraries and API's for writing java applications.
Netbeans - Software Development Environment
Netbeans is a very powerful software development environment. It supports a range of development languages including java and c++.
Google Toolbar for Firefox
Extends the functionality of firefox. Particularly useful for its auto complete and page rank indication features.
We live on skype. It is an excellent method of communication and even allows you to video conference.
7z Unzipper
This is an alternative archive compressor to winzip. It also sports compression into a 7z file which provides vastly greater compression levels for most common file types.
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