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Scorchsoft Recruitment - Web Developer Required

By Andrew Ward By Andrew Ward Mar 11, 2013 scorchsoft


Scorchsoft are now recruiting for an web developer role in Birmingham. A prime focus of the selection process will be placed on your ability to program efficiently and effectively using object oriented approaches in PHP and JavaScript. Number of years' experience developing commercial websites and web applications will determine the salary.

Job Objectives:

Scorchsoft is a small but growing company whose core competency is using high-quality programming to develop websites and web applications. The job role will involve being in charge of developing these for commercial customers. This job is a full time role and presents a great opportunity to be involved on a range of diverse projects.

Scorchsoft web applications are written using a combination of PHP, MySQL, JavaScript (using frameworks such as jQuery), HTML & CSS. You will be expected to program at a high standard using object-oriented principals using PHP as well as be capable of writing rich JavaScript / jQuery components. You will be involved on variety of projects that will range from 25 - 400 developer hours in size through to sundry updates for existing websites.

We are fond of continuous improvement and autonomy so in an addition to your programming role, your will be tasked with managing your own deadlines and developing improved practices towards how Scorchsoft approaches web development.

Duties and Responsibilities:

* Programming in PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS and JavaScript to a high standard.

* Planning the development of a project before programming begins in order for us to be able to estimate the development hours of a project and to be able to build a product to this plan.

* Being actively involved in adapting how the business implements technology.

* Researching different tools and frameworks and applying learned knowledge to best meet project requirements.

* Interfacing with customers in person, email and over telephone.

* Following API's and developer documentation for new tools and frameworks and on the job learning to implement solutions using them.

* Supporting the continuous improvement of our approach to programming.

* Sundry coding maintenance and changes.

Essential Skills:

* Strong programming abilities.

* Experienced using: PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

* Experienced in programming using object-oriented methodologies.

* Personal time management.

Desirable Skills:

* Experience using a web content management system such as Wordpress, Modx, Drupal and Joomla.

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