Building performing channels using leading practices and web solutions

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Enabled, Motivated, Progressive & Performing Channels

The success of your business will directly correlate to the performance of the sales personnel, ecommerce and partner channels that sell your products, services and solutions.

Ensuring your sales people and your partner channels are fully enabled and operating within a structured, motivational and progressive partner program that embraces the latest web solutions can significantly improve business results. However, recent studies have shown that enablement is still not being achieved in many companies:

  • Only 43% of buyers rated their sales reps as very or extremely prepared for the initial sales meeting.Research by IDC, as detailed by B2B Marketing Directions.
  • 90 percent of content created for sellers is ignored, while 74 percent of sellers re-write the material or create their own. (Studies by Savo)

Enabled personnel better represent your brand and products and are likely to be more successful at each and every stage of the sales process generating and converting more business while also reducing miss-selling costs.

Well-considered and structured partner programs will reward and secure your top channel partners while motivating other channels to aspire to higher levels within the program; so as to obtain the corresponding program benefits and in doing so win more business for you. A partner program will lay the foundation for a mutually beneficial business partnership. 

Online technologies are critical to supporting successful enablement and partner programs. Whether this is simply providing a partner portal for access to partner assets or providing integration solutions for such items as lead tracking or order placement.

To explore these topics and the approach to achieve successful enablement and to create a motivational and progressive partner environment Scorchsoft have created this paper.

Scorchsoft combines leading practices and partner technologies to maximise channel performance.  Need further information see our Building Performing Channels marketing service or contact us now.

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