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React and React Native are programming frameworks for creating responsive, reactive and scalable applications, on both web and mobile. These frameworks boast a strong open-source community following and were created by Facebook to solve the challenges they encountered in creating their interactive social media apps.

Being open source, you are free to use these technologies within your own app projects.

Various different devices in the palm of someones hands.

A single code base

Traditionally every platform you wanted to launch onto required a completely new application to be developed, meaning brand-new code had to be created in a range different programming languages. Android uses Java, Apple has C#, the web uses JavaScript and PHP, and so on. This has many negative commercial implications. Fragmentation creates logistics challenges with code versioning and deployment, source code cannot be reused across platforms and no single developer is likely to have the full skills to work across all languages and platforms simultaneously.

React Native solves all of these problems, allowing everything to be built using a single language, Javascript. Application programming used on the web is able to be used directly on mobile, creating a single well-maintained code base.

Scalable & component based

The React framework requires new features to be built in the form of components, these can then be used anywhere within the application. For example, you may create a submit button component that can then be used anywhere. If you should want to update your submit processes later, then you can simply extend this button component, or drop it completely in favour for a new approach. This approach also works for larger components, such as payment mechanisms, or reporting tools.

As your application grows, you can be confident that your application has been built in a robust and scalable way that supports future extension. This is exactly the reason why we chose to build MODL app using React.

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