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The ChatGPT Guide for Business (Get the Book)

Discover the power of AI for your business with this essential guide to ChatGPT with this Quick-Start Guide to Effective AI Use and Prompt Engineering In Work and Business

Full of practical applications & techniques, learn how to harness AI to boost productivity, enhance your work & gain a competitive edge. From business communications to project management, marketing & more, you'll learn how to use AI responsibly without compromising your values.

A must-have guide for you or your team!

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The ChatGPT Guide for Business (Get the Book)

Discover the Power of AI for your Business

AI tools like ChatGPT are powerful but carry huge risks. For example, did you know that asking ChatGPT questions using customer information might break the law, putting your job and business at risk? Or that if you ask GPT for help, sometimes it makes up fake answers? And these aren't the only risks.

This book tackles these concerns, offering tools to use ChatGPT in business, maximising strengths, minimising risks, and avoiding data protection breaches. Learn to use AI responsibly without damaging your business or compromising your values.

In this book, you will learn:

  • Foundation knowledge and responsible AI use
    Use ChatGPT in a value-adding way which is not lazy! Benefit from AI use without damaging your brand. The basics of ChatGPT and AI Large Language Models (LLMs), and the three laws for responsible AI use in business.

  • Practical tips and techniques
    Practical applications for AI tools in various business areas. Prompt Engineering Techniques for business communications, learning, strategy, project management, marketing, and more.

  • Techniques make you and your team AI-ready
    How to adapt strategically to become an "AI first organisation". Techniques to boost ChatGPT's accuracy from 17% to near 100%.

  • How to automatically integrate with ChatGPT
    Automate you business, add value to your products, and streamline your operations with OpenAI integrations throughout your company!

Written by Scorchsoft's Managing Director Andrew Ward, this guide is hyper-relevant to most aspects of work and business, especially making it a must-have guide for you and your team! If you require a resource to persuade your colleagues to adopt AI, look no further!

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What's inside:

  • Introduction

  • Part 1: The Basics
  • Chapter 1: Getting Started
  • Chapter 2: Essential Skills
  • Chapter 3: Risks and Warnings

  • Part 2: Techniques and Prompts
  • Why These Prompts?
  • Chapter 4: Business Communications
  • Chapter 5: Learning and Education
  • Chapter 6: Business Strategy and Planning
  • Chapter 7: Marketing Communications
  • Chapter 8: Business Admin
  • Chapter 9: Project Management
  • Chapter 10: Sales
  • Chapter 11: Recruitment
  • Chapter 12: Team Management
  • Chapter 13: Legal
  • Chapter 14: Design and Creative Prompts
  • Chapter 15: Have Fun with It

  • Part 3: Deeper Concepts
  • Chapter 16: Pro Tips and Tricks
  • Chapter 17: AI Automations
  • Chapter 18: Become an AI-First Organisation
  • Chapter 19: Ethical Considerations
  • Chapter 20: Looking to the Future
  • What Next?
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