Build a ChatGPT App With ChatGPT App Booster!

Build a custom ChatGPT-powered AI app for your business with Scorchsoft. Deploy as-is or customise to meet your needs.

The ChatGPT App Booster is a robust, customizable mobile app solution that integrates the advanced capabilities of OpenAI's ChatGPT, enabling you to deploy your own intelligent chatbot mobile apps for clients to use without an OpenAI subscription.

ChatGPT App Development. Build Custom AI ChatBot App (ChatGPT App Booster)
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A new way to connect with your customers

Develop a bespoke ChatGPT-powered AI assistants app, offering AI chatbots to users for free or through a user login.

Deliver your own chatbot app for customer-facing aspects of your operations, such as enhancing the sales process or providing added value to paying or subscribed customers.

Add multiple chatbots tailored for distinct scenarios, from marketing and service delivery to customer support.

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Trained on your knowledge and instructions

Custom GPT-powered chatbots, tailored with unique instructions and a bespoke knowledge base, offer a rich, highly-customised user experience.

We tailor a ChatGPT AI Assistant to align with your business requirements before integrating it into an app. This guarantees more precise, informative, and relevant responses to customer queries, although it's important to note that chatbots can sometimes produce inaccurate answers.

Your AI Chat App provides customers with expert assistance that mirrors your brand's expertise and values.

Trigger Actions Automatically with AI

We can train the AI assistant to automate specific tasks in your business by setting up and linking application interfaces (APIs).

These interfaces enable the AI to initiate unique actions and behaviours. For instance, it could automatically integrate information from your systems into chat responses, create new enquiries based on conversations between users and the Chatbot, or recommend relevant products or services related to the discussion.

If you're curious about the possibilities, please share your objectives with us, and we'll let you know what can be achieved.

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Customisable design to echo your brand identity

From the colour scheme and logo integration, we offer comprehensive customisation of the app’s design style, allowing you to reinforce brand recognition and loyalty. 

Where you want to keep the simplistic styling or add your brand's own twist, our user-friendly interface ensures that personalising your AI chatbot is as simple as it is effective.

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A direct line to your business

If the chatbot can't provide an answer, there's no need to worry! The integrated contact form enables users to send a direct message right to your team's email inbox, ensuring your customers always find a solution.

We can train the AI to identify when a conversation necessitates the customer contacting the business. It can also use the conversation history to automatically complete the contact form, making the process convenient for sending.

Add your own custom features

Our AI Chat App is a great place to start to allow you to connect with your customers in a new and innovative way. However, you don’t have to stop there! Our dedicated and knowledgeable team are happy to discuss implementing additional features, tailored to your business needs.

Let us know your app ideas and business goals, and our team will gladly provide a ballpark estimate.

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David Hore


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Gary Hutt


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