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Improve your sales performance or that of your sales team. SalesChamp is a smart AI-powered assistant that coaches your sales team with every call!

Simply upload a call recording and wait for your SalesChamp AI coach email to arrive in your inbox in minutes!

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Use AI to Boost Your Sales Performance

SalesChamp can save you the headaches of having to listen to and feedback on the calls conducted by your team. Simply have them upload call recordings to SalesChamp to get same-day feedback to coach, inform, and improve their approach.

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Get AI sales advice and meeting minutes

SalesChamp offers sales call support with three types of reports:

Sales Coach Review: This AI report provides a summary of the call, highlighting the salesperson's strengths and areas for improvement. The analysis also focuses on closing techniques, best practice scores, and conversion assessments.

Meeting Minutes: AI-generated meeting minutes include a call summary, key points raised, and any agreed actions. This saves you time when updating your CRM system.

Call Transcript: This is a raw, word-for-word transcript of your call.

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Get the SalesChamp Digest Email

Imagine the time you spend listening to sales calls, wishing you had more time to coach your team to improve their performance. SalesChamp's digest email can solve this issue by providing reports within minutes for any calls you want to analyse.

To get started, upload an MP3 of your sales call to the SalesChamp platform, and you'll soon receive your AI-generated reports.

Visit the form, select the MP3, provide the title of your call, and choose which reports you'd like to generate. In just a few minutes, you'll receive an email containing your SalesChamp AI sales reports!

The information in these reports can be used to streamline sales admin, save time on writing CRM notes, and coach your team to handle sales calls more effectively. This will allow you to hone their strengths and address weaknesses, further enhancing sales performance.

Simply pay per report
Monthly and annual subscription plans with online payments

SalesChamp does not lock you into monthly or annual subscriptions. Simply request access to use the tool and pay on a report-by-report basis. This allows you to test whether SalesChamp works for you with minimal upfront commitment!

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AI follow-up emails

Much of what you want to convey in a follow-up email depends on the context of the call you had with the customer. It's essential to confirm key points, reinforce value, maintain control over the sales process, and support any close attempts.

Post-sales-call emails can often take a significant amount of time to write effectively, which takes away valuable salesperson time that could be spent making more client calls.

SalesChamp aims to solve this problem by generating an automated, suggested email post-call for your sales team to review and modify, saving time. The email is custom-written based on the unique context of each call, giving the prospect a personal touch to help maintain their interest throughout the sales process.

Ability to add bespoke features

Would you like SalesChamp to report on some context in the call that is not provided by the standard email? No problem! We can implement custom report types tailored to you and your needs. Simply let a member of our team know what you would like to do, and we will do our best to help.

If you would like to use the SalesChamp tool to analyse other types of calls or content, or apply AI to gain insights elsewhere in your business, Scorchsoft can help with this too. We have a talented full-time team of over 10 developers who can create bespoke integrations or apps using AI.

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