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On-Site Tasks, Jobs, Reports & Checklist Software

Enables on-site workers to report inspections, timesheets or tasks, such as for jobs, audits and assets in a wide range of industries. Ability to add bespoke made-to-measure features to meet your needs.

Your own app: Configured for you with custom forms and inputs. Operates offline, syncing records when online. Your Admin team can log in on Desktop to view and download data.

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Wide Range of Industries: Custom inspections and forms Tailored for You

Suitable for a wide range of industries and use cases; including:
Site inspections; Safety inspections; Building and construction inspections; Vehicle inspections; Asset inspections; Job Allocation and Submission; Timesheets; and more.

Work Ticket App is Intelligent Inspection Form Software designed to allow us to create customised workflows and forms tailored to your business needs.

If your team follows specific processes and procedures on-site, the Work Ticket App can digitalise each step into an in-app process that workers can easily use by simply signing in. Our team will collaborate with you to determine the necessary forms or ticket types, set up the workflow, and ensure it is accessible to your workforce according to their role, job assignments, or department. 

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Checklists, Photos, and Custom Forms

Many processes require capturing information, such as numerical measurements, photographs of completed tasks, or a checklist with comments to ensure compliance.

The Work Ticket App lets users upload photos from a gallery or directly through an in-app camera. Using the in-app camera has the added advantage of capturing GPS location data at the time the photo is taken. This feature is invaluable for compliance purposes, as it can verify that a particular action or event occurred at a specific location.

Offline Mode that Synchronises Later

The app is configured to synchronise information required to submit tickets whilst there is access to an internet connection so that tickets or jobs can be submitted in locations with unreliable internet.

Ticket submissions made whilst offline are saved in the app and can be synchronised with the online server when there is an internet connection. This allows you team to operate in many different locations whilst still being able to conduct their on-site work.

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Replace Paper-Based Processes and Ensure Compliance

If you're currently managing and coordinating paper-based processes or rigid web forms, our Work Ticket App could be the ideal solution for you.

Simply provide our team with examples of your existing paper or web form processes, and we will assess how we can replicate or enhance them using the Work Ticket App. Once everything is configured and tested, you can implement the new process throughout your organisation to streamline operations.

Additionally, we can develop custom rules or triggers to automate workflow elements according to your specific requirements. We can also provide a cost estimate for this work based on your unique needs.

Configurable list of teams and their members
Configure Users within Jobs, Departments and Teams

We understand that every business has unique needs, particularly when it comes to controlling access to sensitive information. Therefore, you may want to restrict the ability to submit or view certain records based on team, department, job, or user role, ensuring that only logged-in users with the appropriate permissions can perform certain actions.

Our system is fully customisable to align with the approach that best suits your business requirements. We can also develop bespoke access logic to accommodate any specific needs you might have.

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Flexible Hosting Options

We offer a variety of app hosting options to suit different business needs. For smaller teams looking to reduce their hosting costs and get started quickly, we can host your app on our shared environment, providing a cost-effective solution.

For larger organisations that need to host data on-premises, we can collaborate with your IT team to determine the best setup for your internal servers, or we can arrange hosting with third-party providers or cloud hosts such as AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud.

If you have specific requirements regarding app hosting, such as on-premises needs or infrastructure capable of handling a high volume of users or ticket submissions, please inform us. We are committed to accommodating your needs as best as we can.

Capital Expenditure

We do not charge for using the Work Ticket App on a per-user basis, which can make this billing approach particularly attractive for companies with high staff volumes or contractor users. Instead, we license the Work Ticket Framework in a manner that grants access to the source code and includes a perpetual license. 

Therefore, your accounts team may be able to classify this expenditure as a capital expenditure (CapEx), potentially balance sheet and tax advantages such as full expensing (Please seek professional advice to verify this as we are not qualified or regulated to give financial advice).

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Ability to add Custom Extensions for Complete Customisation

Rather than subscribing to a fixed set of features, we offer a licensing and hosting model for the Work Ticket Framework that allows you to isolate your data and customise the app's functionality.

This approach means if the app almost meets your requirements but has certain limitations, we can develop tailor-made extensions for you. For instance, we can introduce new input types, sophisticated user role and permission hierarchies, bespoke report types, PDF or document downloads, and custom integrations with third-party systems. We can also support common extensions such as electronic signatures and QR codes or barcode scanning.

Additionally, we can customise the app's branding to include your logo and colour scheme and handle the deployment to the iOS and Android stores under your organisation's name.

Customisable Solutions for Your Business
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Our Work Ticket App offers flexible configurations to meet your specific business needs. Our services include setting up the app on your app store accounts, custom branding, and configuring and hosting your admin backend. Additionally, our project team will work with you to establish up to three ticket types, such as job submissions, reports, or other criteria.

For more complex or sophisticated form requirements, we can either deploy fewer larger forms or provide a quote for additional ticket submission processes.

For more information on the next steps or to receive a tailored cost estimate, please contact us or request a free quote.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I connect submitted reports to our CRM system?

Yes, the Work Ticket App can be configured to integrate with your external systems, including your CRM system.

Do you support single sign-on?

Single sign-on is possible but would require a custom extension. If you can specify the single sign-on provider you wish to use, we can assess the work involved and provide a cost estimate.

Can I resell the Work Ticket App?

Our standard contract prohibits reselling the source code in a way that competes directly with us. However, if there is no conflict of interest, we may be able to negotiate terms that allow for a custom commercial arrangement. Please contact our team with your requirements to explore potential options.

Can I connect the database to reporting tools like PowerBI or Google Data Studio?

Yes, with the perpetual license and hosting arrangement we provide, it is possible to issue database credentials. This allows reporting tools such as PowerBI or Google Data Studio to connect to, read from, and report on the database.

I don’t want to provide my own hosting, can I host the Work Ticket App on your servers?

Yes, you can host the Work Ticket App on our servers. Our hosting starts at a cost-effective rate of £42 +VAT per month. However, for high volumes of tickets or large file uploads, you may need to switch to your own cloud or dedicated hosting. We can advise you on the best approach based on your specific needs.

Can you encrypt my data at rest?

By default, data is not encrypted at rest, but we can facilitate this within your own hosting environment to meet specific security or compliance requirements.

Can I provision user accounts for both internal staff and external contractors?

Yes, the app allows you to add users from both within and outside your organisation by default. If you require domain-level restrictions for user access, please inform us so we can configure this restriction for you.

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