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Our process

Our process

We challenge thinking to empower growth through digital innovation, because we enjoy what we do and believe in developing our business alongside our clients.

We are passionate about developing high-quality, innovative websites, web apps and mobile applications. We are problem solvers and solution finders. We care about creating things that look great and are highly usable, but more importantly that achieve a tangible business goal or solve a business pain.

We constantly keep on-top of what is happening on the web and in marketing to make sure that we are proposing the best possible approach to our customers. This allows us to be extremely flexible with what we are able to do, but to also deliver projects that are great value for money. If you would like to see what we are capable of then view our capabilities page, or if you would like to see some of our recent work then have a look at our portfolio.

If you have a project or scope of work that you need some help with then please don’t hesitate to get in touch, even new-undeveloped ideas are worth exploring and we will probably come up with some suggestions that you haven’t thought about.

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Our Process


We have put together a cost breakdown around the topics discussed and assumptions we have made regarding your web development or mobile app direction. At this stage we outline all of the project deliverables and cost against each item. At this stage the project is still fluid and it is expected that new features may be introduced and the proposal subsequently reworked.

Proposal signoff

Once you are happy that the proposal matches your vision and objectives, we pull our terms and conditions along with any supporting information into it to make a contract document. This ensures both us, and yourself, are as clear as possible on what is going to be completed, at what cost, and by when. The project can then begin once both sides have signed the contract and the initial deposit has been paid.

Design phase – concept

At this web design phase of the project we consider your vision, and have a creative discussion with our designer(s) to try and ensure our perception of how to achieve this vision is clear. We then create an image mock-up of how the concept design will look and feel. At this point the designs are still open for revision, and we may have experimented with some design elements that break convention. We will have another meeting to discuss changes and iteratively rework the designs until we reach a point of sign off. Once this is achieved the concept design can be considered complete and won’t change.

Design phase – pages

Now with the concept agreed, the remaining page styles for use within the website can be created. This process is similar to the concept phase but it focused around the structure of each page, rather than the overall colour scheme & concept layout etc. Again, once each page has been signed off we can progress with the next stage of the project.

Front end build

At this stage of the project we take the mock-ups and program them up into the relevant HTML, CSS, and JavaScript pages that will be used to represent the pages of your site. Many of the interactive elements of the site will be reviewable at this point.

Back end build

Now we take the front end pages and pull them into the content management system of choice. This involves deciding which pages will use which theme, and which sections of each page should be editable (and how). This is often the longest part of the process where we work independently with little need for review until we are complete. This section also encompasses the creation of any bespoke features. Sometimes this will be a common CMS such as ModX but sometimes you may need a more specialist framework to support more custom requirements such as developing a login portal or automatically creating digital documents.

Dummy content population and review

Once the site is built into the content management system, we will populate it with some initial content or dummy content so that you can see the site as it will be when it is in action (minus it being fully compiled with content). There is a client review at this phase where we ask you to make a bulleted list of anything that differs from what you were expecting, this is a quality assurance process to ensure the site has been user tested before it goes live.

Hand over and live content population

Once you are happy with the build, we hand over the site to you to populate it with any content that hasn’t been included in the budget for site creation/migration. The objective here is to use this stage to get familiar with the content management system and receive initial support from us whilst you are less familiar with it. We can then migrate all content and cost for this accordingly, however most of our clients opt to do this internally both because it is often cheaper, but also because it acts as a great training exercise. You may have some additional change/feature/bug fix requests at this stage.

Ongoing support

There is a degree of initial aftercare built into our project pricing to ensure you are comfortable and happy with your end product. If you feel you would need prolonged support on a retainer basis, then we can discuss the number of support/sundry hours that you would require per month and charge for this at hour hourly rate. Alternatively you can pay for support, or for the development of additional requirements on an as-needed basis at our hourly rate.


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