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Scorchsoft has been established for over fourteen years and has a vast range of experience working on large and small projects across the UK and internationally.

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Our ethical projects policy means we do not take on projects related to gambling, tobacco, vaping, or other protected categories. See our full ethical projects policy here.

How much does a project cost to build?

The cost to build apps, web apps, and portals depends on the amount of time involved to design and build. When we identify an initial ballpark price, we first have a discussion with you about your requirements. We want to understand what your business objectives are, and what features we think you need.

Then, with all of that in mind, we can compare your project to others we have worked on to estimate a price. If you are happy with that approximate price, then we can help you to plan your project, and get to a point where we can give you a fixed itemised cost.

Please be aware that apps and portals are software projects that often take 100s of hours to design and develop. So building a bespoke project for under £7.5k is unlikely. It's possible with very simple requirements, but most of our projects are more than this.

If you would like to speak with the team to discuss your project so that we can give you a ballpark price, and answer your questions, then please complete the form on this page, or drop us an email to [email protected].

Alternatively, if you still aren't ready to submit an enquiry then please continue scrolling this page to see examples of other customers we have helped, and more frequently asked questions about getting a quote and what influences the cost the most. If you have further questions then ask them on the quote form and we will be happy to help.

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14+ years of experience creating applications and online portals that enable new business models and support existing ones.

David Hore

David Hore


Scorchsoft has helped our company to realise some extremely sophisticated web-based projects that would have been beyond the capabilities of many other agencies. They have been able to apply clear, critical and strategic input into our projects, which has helped us immensely.

Gary Hutt

Gary Hutt


Scorchsoft instilled in me the confidence and motivation to leave my job and pursue my entrepreneurial endeavours. I cannot thank them enough for the personal commitment and support that they have given me to get my vision off of the ground.

Frequently Asked Questions (About Getting a Free Quote)

Here are answers to common questions we recieve about our quoting process:

What factors impact the cost the most?

The level of quality or complexity you choose to go for is a significant factor that influences the cost of your project.

Your tech project will consist of many sections, each of which contains several features and steps. Your project might include hundreds of different rules, actions and options.

Every requirement you have can be planned and built differently. There are simple, pragmatic ways that get the job done with less development time, and there are full-bells-and-whistles ways that deliver the best possible user experience but that take much longer to make.

As we get stuck into planning your project with you, we will highlight the tradeoffs between cost and quality of the various features you want to help you deliver the most value for money for your available budget. As a simple rule of thumb, fewer sections and screens usually means lower cost.

Another significant factor influencing project cost is the nature of the features you want to include. For example, if you want a simple app that lists some information where users don't need to log in, this will be a lot easier to program than an app that requires users to log in and have a profile. Many other features can contribute to your projects cost, such as in-app payments, push notifications, GPS tracking, and in-app reports and dashboards. So if your budget is tight, make sure that you only include features in your brief that you need, which will help you get the most value for money from your project.

What information do you need to know to give me a quote?

If you know your business objectives and what you are looking to achieve, then please email us, complete the form on this page, or call us to let us know. Once we understand your goals, we will consider the work involved and estimate a ballpark quote for your project.

Can you provide a fixed-price itemised quote?

Yes, we can provide itemised quotes, though itemised quotes can take more time to put together than our free rough ballpark quotes. If you would like certainty about what your app will cost to build, I recommend that you start our detailed planning process.

Did you know that recent research shows that conducting discovery can reduce your risk of failure by 75% or increase your chance of success by 59%? (source: Neilson Norman Group)

Let our team support you with this critical planning process, where we listen to your requirements and apply our expert knowledge to make suggestions to help you to build web and mobile software that achieves your goals.

How do you calculate the price for my tech project?

We consider how long it will take to build to calculate a price. As you might expect, a project that takes 200 hours to complete will cost twice as much as one that costs 100 hours.

We consider planning, wireframing, specification writing, project management, UI design, UX, programming and development activities, testing, and deployment. All of these activities can influence the final cost.

We follow a 'Minimum Viable Product' philosophy to planning projects, and we will advise you in planning how you can deliver the most value to your budget.

Can I pay in instalments?

Though we don't offer finance-based payment plans, one benefit of working with Scorchsoft is that we allow you to pay for your project in instalments as we build your project.

For example, if you had a £20k project that would take three months to design, build, and launch, we would usually split a project like this into four payments; One deposit payment, followed by payments at the end of each month.

Where are you based? (App development in Birmingham, UK)

Scorchsoft is a UK app development agency, based in the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham.

If you are outside of the UK we are still very interested in speaking with you!

Did you know that the UK is currently the largest ICT market in Europe with a tech turnover worth several hundreds of billions of dollars? You may even want to consider the opportunities to launch your tech start-up here as UK tech Venture Capital investment is third in the world after the U.S and China.

Scorchsoft has been trading for over a decade and helps hundreds of clients like you go from planning and discovery to designing and building their tech idea. We specialise in creating Online Portals, 'Software as a Service' products, and mobile app projects, and we also have direct experience collaborating with teams to fulfil Internet of Things projects.

Are your App Developers in house?

Yes, Scorchsoft has a team of over ten in-house developers based in the UK. We also have in-house project management and UI design capabilities.

Need help implementing you project?

If you've read this far and are serious about exploring your idea in more detail, please let us know about your ideas and needs using the quote form above. If you have any questions then we are happy to answer those too.


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Scorchsoft is a UK-based team of web and mobile app developers and designers. We operate in-house from Birmingham, and our offices are located in the heart of the Jewellery Quarter.

We can deliver your innovative, technically complex project, using the latest web and mobile application development technologies.

Scorchsoft develops online portals, applications, web apps, and mobile app projects. With over fourteen years experience working with hundreds of small, medium, and large enterprises, in a diverse range of sectors, we'd love to discover how we can apply our expertise to your project.

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