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Try the MODX GPT: A OpenAI ChatGPT Powered MODX Coding Helper

Discover MODX GPT, an OpenAI ChatGPT-powered tool designed to assist with MODX CMS development. Streamline your coding tasks, from basics to debugging. Try it now.

How to Write an App Business Plan! A Guide to Increase Your Chance of Success (Includes a Free Business Plan Template)

App Business Plan Guide: Improve your chances of securing a bank loan with our step-by-step guide on crafting a tailored business plan. Includes a free business plan template for your next app project success.

How to Implement ChatGPT in Your Business (Practical Guide)

Unlock the potential of ChatGPT for your business with our comprehensive guide, demonstrating effective implementation, use cases, and techniques to outpace the competition. How to use ChatGPT and how to integrate with ChatGPT.

Develop NHS Software & Apps (Business Guide for Healthcare Apps)

How to launch NHS digital products, or use Healthcare data in your app or portal; Things you must do. NHS Healthcare Software Development & App Developers.

AI App Development Explained (How to use AI and Machine Learning in your App)

AI App Developers: How to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in your next app project. Machine learning algorithms use data sets to detect patterns and make decisions with minimal human intervention.

App Developers 101: The 7 Developer Types, Costs & How to Choose

Need App Developers for your project? Here are the 7 App Developer types: Learn which is best for your App Development Project & what App Developers charge (App Developers Birmingham)

How to Create a Progressive Web App (PWA Guide For Customers)

How to plan and create a PWA for your Business. Find out what features are available. Learn if Progressive Web Apps are right for you and what to consider before you start your project.

What Does an App Cost to Make? (App Development Quote Guide Included)

Here is how much it costs to build an app, how to get an accurate quote, how to optimise your app development budget and ways to fund your app project. The cost is not just about the number of features you want to include, but how complex you make each of those features.

Video: Survive and Thrive Despite the Coronavirus! (20+ ways for business)

20+ ways that your business can survive and thrive by implementing a Digital Asset Drive! If you run a business, use this time to build the digital assets you've been putting off implementing.

How to Build an Online Portal to Boost Your Business (10 ways, with examples)

Web Portals and App Portals can boost you business, here is how. These Online Portals are smart web apps that allow your customers, suppliers, or employees to access information, processes, and services.

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