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We are giving away 1 hours worth of HTML, CSS, PHP or JavaScript web development for free.

Advice regarding the web and intellectual property, copyright and licensing. I will explain the concept of IP ownership via licence VS copyright.

Google page rank now based on social media status

Google now takes into account the social media status of a web page to determine its SEO page ranking. How will this impact SEO and spam?

Solution: Embedded YouTube z-index is ignored and is appearing above a fixed DIV.

Fix embedded YouTube iframe videos ignoring their z-index and the z-index of other div elements using both html and jquery.

This is how to enable/allow the use of iframe tags within the Tiny MCE (TinyMCE) editor. Simply within the tinymcs-init.js file put the following line of code....

FREE SEO tips! Find out how to optimise your website for free in 2020 and get high keyword rankings in search engine result pages.

We recently received some questions regarding the Opencart ecommerce websites beginners tutorial video that we created. They are sensible questions so it makes sense to share the answers. What are meta and data tags? What is an SKU? what is a SEO keyword? Where do I get weight codes?

Updates to the Twitter RSS feed

The twitter RSS feed on the home page is going to be removed. The Home Page loading time has increased quite dramatically and this is an issue with page loading times an important SEO consideration. The course of action: implement a cached RSS feed reader for external feeds.

The Gimp image editing and illustration program is extremely powerful. It enables the user to not only make professional edits to photos, but to also create their own vector graphics. Photoshop features such as the content aware rescale can also be incorporated into the gimp through free plugins.

This is a small guide on how to create a website where the url of pages can be custom defined within a database. This is often known as managing the url alias.

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