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How to Build an Online Portal to Boost Your Business (10 ways, with examples)

Web Portals and App Portals can boost you business, here is how. These Online Portals are smart web apps that allow your customers, suppliers, or employees to access information, processes, and services.

How to choose between Web, Native, and Hybrid app formats

If you want to build an app then there are three different formats you can follow; web apps, native apps (including React Native apps), and hybrid apps. To help you out, our app development experts here at Scorchsoft thought we’d put together all the vital information you need to know.

How to Validate Your App Idea for Market Success (Six questions to ask before starting development)

App Validation Techniques: Discover 6 crucial questions to ask yourself to validate your app idea and ensure its market success. Learn to refine and test your concept effectively.

The Modern CTO Podcast. We're featured! [Audio]

Love tech? Want to hear about tech startups, business leadership, developer psychology and how to transition to an effective CTO? Check out our MD and CTO of MODL App, Andrew Ward's interview in the Modern CTO podcast this week.

Why you need a value proposition, and how to write a great one [practical video]

Do you know your value? This video covers the basics of what a value proposition is, and how to go about creating yours. Here is a 7-minute video from our MD Andrew Ward explaining the basics of value proposition design.

How to navigate the new GDPR data regulations [actionable tips]

The new GDPR data regulations, in plain English: The main things you need to be careful of, and practical steps that you can take to limit your risk exposure. As of 25 May 2018 the GDPR is now in full effect.

10 ways to increase your conversion rate, without having to remake your website [practical guide]

In this article, we cover 10 ways that you can increase your website conversion rate, without having to scrap what you have to start again. Each tip is practical, meaning you can implement them quickly and start getting results right away.

Keep it personal – Personalisation and your website

What is website personalisation? How personalisation can help you to deliver a great user journey, and improve your service delivery.

The new Scorchsoft support portal

Always striving for a better service, Scorchsoft launches their dedicated support portal. Built upon Atlassian's Jira, the new support portal promises faster, more efficent resolutions of your requests, with greater visibility of when your requests will be complete.

Silicon Canal Tech Awards 2016

Scorchsofts Managing Director Andrew Ward won the 'Most Influential Male in Technology' category for the Silicon Canal Technology Awards 2016. The Silicon Canal Awards had three main objectives of connecting, promoting and supporting the various parts of Birmingham's technology ecosystem.

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