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11 ways to increase your website conversion rate, 2016

Your website conversion rate can be measured by dividing the number of customers who have completed a transaction, by the total number of website visitors. Remember, improving your rate can also have a positive effect on your overall website traffic. We see many websites that have all of the bells and whistles and incorporate contemporary design, but they still don’t seem to convert enough sales, if you have a similar problem, read on to pick up some top tips.

Google's Mobilegeddon. A case study showing the importance of having a mobile friendly website

How a large website lost 50% of it's traffic due to not being mobile friendly, and how we helped it to recover. Google's Mobilegeddon is real! This article presents a real world example showing the importance of having a responsive website.

How and why you should scope out your project properly.

Having a clear and easy to follow requirements specification document is absolutely critical, and you should be wary of any company that wants you to start a project without one!

20+ things you should think about when implementing an 'Internet of Things' product

20+ Internet of things product considerations: Over 20 considerations that you should think about when implementing an internet of things product, service or device. A quick IOT reference list looking at some of the most important factors you may not have thought about.

Exploiting the internet of things eGuide

The internet of things market is the concept of building internet connectivity into every day products and services.This eGuide aims to give you the most important information that you will need in order to take advantage of the internet of things. From IOT security to launching an internet of things service.

Social media marketing examples for your website

Social media marketing examples and how they tie to your website development and digital strategies. Examples and ideas that you could incorporate today to drive a closer synergy between your website and social media marketing.

The challenges facing eCommerce

web commerce and mobile commerce is growing. To gain a competitive edge in a crowded eCommerce marketplace it is essential that retailers don’t rest on their laurels. Innovation and development is vital if they want to stay ahead of the game. The challenges facing eCommerce.

Mobile and internet trends 2015

Mobile and internet trends of 2015 & Marketing trends 2015. What's hot, what's not and what you should be doing about it. Looking social media, online marketing, eCommerce, video and mobile.

How to: Force Google Chrome to not cache resources (scripts, styles, images)

Being told your site has been updated yet the changes aren't appearing? Here is a simple way to temporarily force your Google Chrome web browser to not cache any on-page resources, styles, scripts or images.

How the BBC election website reached the people

Lets put politics aside for one moment and take a look at some of the clever things the BBC News did to engage the country on the day of the election.

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