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The App School and other initiatives

The app school was a Manchester based app course, unfortunately it is no longer running but what does it's creation mean for the future of our technical education in schools?

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As a web development company, as the technology moves forwards it is important to constantly stay up to date and relevant. This post is about the main drivers that motivated the refresh.

website speed test: Simple tests you can do yourself within 5 minutes to check the performance of your website and the quality of its website development. The performance of a website is important for many reasons from its effect on user experience though to search engine ranking.

An SEO guide from Google

Knowing the basics of SEO isn't a dark art. This simple to follow guide from Google themselves allows you to get to grips with the basics.

Google cares if your site isn't optimised for mobiles.

if you want to make sure your site is coming up on search results when people use their mobiles, then you should probably have a website that has been properly optimised to work on mobile and tablet devices. If you don't then you could be risking not appearing for the search terms that are important to you.

The Benefits of Facebook Apps

Facebook apps allow you to customise your Facebook business page and help to differentiate you from your competitors without spending a fortune. By creating an app or series of apps on your Facebook business page you can start to engage your audience in a variety of different ways.

25 fun facts about Christmas 2014

Once again the Christmas season is on us. It is now a Scorchsoft tradition where every year, we enlighten you with some new, interesting, entertaining and sometimes Bizzare Christmas facts.

The importance of calculating your ROI

ROI calculators can be used in a variety of different applications and they can be used to measure the success of projects, to give sales forces an edge when they are comparing one service or product to another, and to support you and your customers in the decision-making process.

Do you need to create an app for your business?

we've put together an 11 page eGuide covering all of the most important aspects to help you to streamline your business processes using apps and web tools.

Death by spreadsheet!

If your organisation is suffering from death by spreadsheet then it’s maybe time you thought about having a database designed for your business. This is where Scorchsoft can help.

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