One of the great things with Google's pay per click advertising (Adwords) is that you can pretty much guarantee a certain number of targetted visitors to your site within a specified budget. This is great but it can often be quite daunting as to what results you can hope to achieve based on your sector, conversion rates and budget.

Fortunately we have made this simple to use calculator that will answer most of these questions for you:

Once you have completed all of the details on the left this calculator works out the estimated: revenue generated from the campaign, level of return on investment, number of site visits generated, number of enquiries and number of new clients. What's more if this is a campaign that you would like to run the tool has a "get more information" button which sends off your campaign details to a qualified Adwords consultant who can then put in place a more in depth strategy for you.

Embed this calculator in your own website

If you have found this tool useful then it is free to use and embed on your own website. Simply copy and paste this simple block of embed code into your website:

<iframe style="width: 602px; height: 525px; border: 0px none; border-radius: 5px; margin: 0 auto; display: block;" src="" scrolling="no" width="602" height="525"></iframe>