One of the biggest challenge facing eCommerce retailers in 2015 will be attracting more visitors and improving conversion rates. To achieve this there are key strategies that they need to implement such as increasing their SEO efforts, strengthening their mobile and web commerce strategies, upgrading or completely revamping their e-commerce platform and making user-friendly improvements on their site search functionality. To gain a competitive edge in a crowded marketplace it is essential that retailers don’t rest on their laurels. Innovation and development is vital if they want to stay ahead of the game. 

What should retailers be thinking about?

We all know that consumers are increasingly using mobile devices to browse, research and buy online. Mobile commerce is set to grow further in 2015 and for the foreseeable future so retailers need to think seriously about having a mobile strategy and maybe even building a mobile app. For retailers who already have a mobile app or a fully responsive website then their focus needs to be on enhancing the overall user experience and improving the site search functionality to get more sales.

Working with a talented development team like Scorchsoft who understand the importance of UX (user experience) is essential for the long term success of your e-commerce website. A poor online experience will linger in the minds of your customers so if your e-commerce presence is letting you down, it’s time to take action.

web commerce - delivering the goods

Of course, the effectiveness of your e-commerce website is not just about how it is built. It’s also about posting articles, blogs and press releases to your website, incorporating video, providing added value information in downloadable formats, including Facebook and Twitter feeds and keeping your copy fresh and up to date. This will help to increase traffic, improve your SEO and ultimately attract the visitors and conversions that you are looking for.

It’s worth remembering that it is the strength of your content, the quality of the user experience, and the calibre of your e-commerce platform that any online retailer should be focusing on if they want to make more sales in 2015. At Scorchsoft we have vast experience in developing e-commerce platforms and websites that deliver the goods so to find out more, contact us now and book a consultation.

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