It’s amazing how many small to medium-sized businesses in the UK run their operations through a series of randomly created spreadsheets that don’t really integrate with each other. These spreadsheets will have their own specific departmental differences based on who created them and also the skill-level of the individual who put them together. This often means that some departments within an organisation will have some fairly sophisticated spreadsheets whereas other departments will have spreadsheets which look like they have been designed on the back of a fag packet!

If your organisation is suffering from death by spreadsheet then it’s maybe time you thought about having a database designed for your business. This is where Scorchsoft can help.

We pride ourselves on making the complex simple and we can create a database for your business that will simplify your processes, have everybody in your organisation singing from the same hymn sheet and, most importantly, lessen the chances of big errors being made by misinterpretation.

Having a database can reduce complexity in your business and widen the knowledge base. It’s common in organisations for data knowledge to be held by a select few and when these individuals are off sick or leave the organisation, then a huge information gap can open up. A good database will help you to share the knowledge and give your teams’ easier access to the info they need.

Benefits of having a great database

Here are just some of the benefits that a great database will give you:

  • Information will only be held in one place ensuring your teams can access the latest, most up to date information.
  • It reduces wasted effort trying to find information that may be stored by a different department or area of the business.
  • It can help you achieve better productivities by having information that is easier to access.
  • Databases are easy to scale up based on how many people you have or different locations.
  • You can access critical information quickly so that important decision-making can take place.
  • Databases help you to plan different ‘what if?’ scenarios so that you can test out different theories.
  • Databases can help you evaluate your processes and build best practice.
  • You will be able to examine key statistics that affect your business such as lead conversation rates, size of sales pipeline, customer retention rates etc.
  • You can create triggers in a database to notify customers of specific promotions or alerts that they need to receive.

The above list is not exhaustive. A database can pretty much be tailored to your requirements…..try and do that with a spreadsheet!

The simplicity or complexity of a database depends entirely on what you are trying to achieve and how it helps you to meet your objectives. At Scorchsoft we will work closely with you to ensure that the design of your database ticks all the boxes and gives you the ROI you are looking for.

To find out more please contact us now and book a consultation.