As illustrated on the EE mobile network UK television adverts, those fronted by Kevin Bacon, we have entered a time where everything and everyone are becoming seamlessly connected.  With powerful quad core smartphones and tablets combined with 4G mobile high speed bandwidths into the cloud / web we are now in the time where we can access almost any service whilst we sit drinking in our local coffee shop; whether we are using their free Wi-Fi or a mobile network connection. This seamless connectivity network allows us to control and enable new business processes and ways of working.

As a simple example, you may have forgotten to record your favourite TV program as you sit drinking your coffee and now you will simply access the Mobile App on your smartphone to access your Sky/Digital box and ‘press’ record; enabling you to take control where ever you are. This is a simple example of a new web based application and business process in operation although this specific example isn’t bandwidth intensive.

The ability to seamlessly connect, especially now with high superfast bandwidths and powerful devices, is allowing many companies to now look closely at how they do business. Sales, support, service, supply and other customer facing processes can embrace this seamless capability, from device to device or device to business application, to look at and do things differently, cheaper, more efficiently and much better.

In May 2013 McKinsey published research detailing Ten IT-enabled business trends for the decade ahead. This provides a range of excellent and thought provoking examples of the possibilities that you may wish to consider for your business.

As an illustration one example it includes is how one company is exploring using a collaborative social networking platform to remove internal email completely from their business.  It also illustrates that the number of devices connected to networks is expected to significantly increase over the next 10-years, with estimates ranging from more than 50 billion devices to more than a trillion and this has the potential to further transform company activities and processes.

Download full copy of the 52-page McKinsey report here.

The possibilities are unlimited and the time is here right now to use this capability to create true differentiation for your business. Scorchsoft has already worked with many clients who are taking full advantage of this new seamless world by creating customer specific and bespoke web enabled business processes. For example, on page 8 and 9 of the McKinsey report it talks about 'applications of the trend' including remote monitoring and system optimisation.  We are extremely proud of a global web solution we have created for one of our customer’s that aligns with that described; they manage their remotely locate solar powered water pumps providing them with a new and more productive way of working.  The opportunities to grow revenue, reduce cost and optimise efficiency with the seamlessly connected environment are endless.

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