If you want to compete in today’s heavily competitive online arena then it’s going to take more than just a website to get customers. You are going to need a whole digital strategy that integrates appropriately and delivers to your customers’ expectations.

Of course your website is the main starting point when it comes to any digital strategy so it’s an area where you need to pay special attention to ensure that you are giving your customers the best user experience that’s possible. If you can do this, then you stand a good chance of retaining the customers you’ve got and getting some new ones too.

We’ve all been there….

You know yourself how frustrating a bad online customer experience can be. We’ve all been at the stage where we’ve put the products we want into the online shopping basket, input our payment details and then the buffering starts! You’re left wondering whether you should click again, refresh the page, hit the back key or whether your payment has been taken or not. You wait for the confirmation email and it doesn’t arrive and you’re left having to phone them…..if you can find their number and that’s a big if…to see what’s going on.

Sound familiar? This is a typical and all too frequent example of when the customer journey has completely gone ‘off-piste’ and you’ve ended up going down a route that you never wanted to go down. Scenarios such as this are one of the main reasons customers go away, find somebody else to deal with and don’t come back. All of this could be avoided with a cohesive, well thought out plan for the website user experience. 

Creating the seamless customer journey…

Today’s consumer is more online-savvy and sophisticated than they used to be. They expect their online journey to be seamless across the various digital platforms that you may be operating on. This means that if they have carried out some research on a laptop and then decided to buy through their mobile phone it is critical that the journey is an easy one, that no confusion is created, and the process is simple. If you make it difficult then your customers will disengage from the process and go to a competitor. You’ve then got the problem of trying to win them back.

Think about this in terms of your main website, how responsive it is, what it looks like on a mobile and tablet and if you’ve got an app, how it integrates smoothly with your other platforms. If it doesn’t then you will lose customers, it’s a simple sad fact!

The best possible user experience…

Your customers may want to engage with you through mobile, an app, your website, through social media, email, or over the telephone. Whatever route they decide, the journey you make them go on needs to be a good one.

At Scorchsoft we understand this and when we work with our clients we make sure that your customers will enjoy the best possible user experience when they land on your website. No matter how complex your products, services or processes might be, we have the expertise and technical know-how to make your complex web project simple. It’s what we’ve become renowned for!

If you’re worried about the online experience you are giving your customers then we need to talk. Please contact us to discuss your concerns.