How much of your business comes from the internet and in 2016 how much will? Are you ready?

According to research by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), in 2016 12.4% of the UK’s GDP will come from the internet up from 8.3% in 2010. So in 2016, just over 2.5 years’ time, £223,503,800,000 of business (or just over 0.2 trillion pounds at today’s GDP figures) in the UK will come from the internet. By 2016 will 12.5% of your business be through your website, that’s if it already isn’t?

£223,503,800,000 in internet business by 2016

The internet is already so important for the majority of us and it will become even more important by 2016. Interestingly, the same research by BCG, highlighted that 91% of people in the UK would rather give-up fast food for one year than give-up their internet. 25% said they would even give-up sex for the year rather than lose their internet! At Scorchsoft we aren’t sure we would go that far but we do agree that the internet is something we definitely couldn’t do without.

At the heart of business on the internet, or influenced through the internet, is your website. This importance is highlighted for example in advertisements. According to Nominet, in November 2010, 83% of printed adverts contain a website address and 61% of television adverts. Since then the trend has but increased these percentage ratios.

To fully capitalise and maximise your business from the internet it is important that your online strategy continues to evolve to attract and engage with your growing number of potential online customers. Are you happy that the heart of your online strategy, your website, is ready to capitalise on this opportunity? Are you planning to drive more traffic back to your website and are you going to increase your social media activity?

Web Design

 There are many changes happening on the web and we appreciate that some of this can be a little daunting. Scorchsoft makes complex web projects simple. If you need guidance, help or just some advice please don’t hesitate to contact us.

For example one of the changes we are seeing is the way people are accessing the internet and your website. If we look around us we are seeing the majority of people carrying a Smartphone, iPhone, Tablet or iPad. In fact according to research by Ofcom late in December 2012, 40% of UK adults now have a Smartphone and 68% of these use them to access the internet. Again this trend is accelerating especially as mobile devices and tariffs, with all you can eat data, becomes so competitively priced. Responsive websites are vital if you are to engage with all of the visitors to your website.

To discuss how you can fully exploit this exciting trend contact us now.