Love tech? Want to hear about tech startups, business leadership, developer psychology and how to transition to an effective CTO? Check out our MD and CTO of MODL App, Andrew Ward's interview in the Modern CTO podcast this week:

In this podcast Andrew and Joel talk about the following topics:

Machine learning

Here we explore the different types of machine learning and how many people in business don't know how it's useful. We also delve into the most significant challenges around how to train machines to make meaningful predictions. 

Framework of choice

With so many programming languages out there how can you decide which is the best one to use for your tech project. What are the trade-offs when growing a business from zero to an agency? A look at how enterprise Java has shaped the conventions of other commonly used languages. Andrew lets us know why PHP frameworks Yii2 and Symfony in combination with the mighty React development framework have worked for him to date.

Making tough decisions

How to decide between what's easy to make and what's right for the long-term? It's not always a natural choice. In this section, we talk about things to be careful about when adopting a new technology or methodology.

Scorchsoft and MODL

Scorchsoft has grown over the past seven years to support innovative new tech startups such as MODL App. 

Communication and tech

Being a competent CTO is more than just knowing the tech, you have to be able to communicate the capabilities. People have different levels of tech understanding, and it is the job of a CTO to bridge these gaps.

And much more:

  • What makes a great leader.
  • Constraints when growing a business and how to delegate.
  • How experts understate their competence... And how some people don't!
  • Problem solving and negotiation.
  • Andrew's opinion on whether you should use an NDA.
  • Asking for 'ugly baby' feedback.

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