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It only seems like moments ago that we last refreshed our home page, it's amazing how quickly the designs that you were once proud off suddenly look... Dated. For convenience here is a video (under 1 minute) that shows our latest website design previewed on desktop, mobile and tablet device types:

Being a web development agency, our clients judge us on how we look so appearance is crucial to us. 

Parallax web design

Whether you like the design trend or not, 'Parallax' designs are particularly popular at the moment. Parallax is the effect where as you scroll down the page, the background images to some sections of the page move at a different speed compared with how you are scrolling. It gives depth to a page and allows for powerful imagery to stand out and be appreciated.

One of the downsides with parallax is that you need particularly large images for the effect to work nicely. Interestingly however, because of the clever techniques we used to process and compress page images, our new home page actually loads much faster and delivers less data than the last one:

May scorchsoft speed test

Page speed is important for many reasons, namely usability but Google also uses how fast your website performs in it's ranking metrics. Here is a quick way for you to measure the speed of your website.

A better mobile experience

mobile web design may

Our new home page was designed with mobile in mind from the outset. The amount of resources that need to be loaded has been reduced and the primary calls to action on the page have been made much more touch friendly. For example we have implemented the material design 'floating call to aciton' that you would typically expect to see on most new android apps (This design convention didn't exist a year ago, and you don't see many websites developed using it even today).

What's more, Google considers if your website design is mobile friendly in its search engine ranking.

What do you think?

What do you think of our new home page? If some of the concepts we have talked about are of interest then why not contact us and see if we can apply them to your own business website.

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