We recently recieved some questions regarding the opencart ecommerse websites beginners tutorial video that we created. They are sensible questions so it makes sense to share the answers.

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Q) What are meta and data tags?

Meta and data are underlying page information. Title, Description and keywords are the most important, they help you get listed on Google for the right thing. Fill these with terms associated with the product.

Q) What is an SKU?

SKU stands for “Stock Keeping Unit”. It is just a measure of how much stock you have for a product. When an order is place the SKU with decrement. If sku = 0 then the item is out of stock.

Q) What is a SEO keyword?

This sets the url bar. For example if your website is www.mysite.com and you click on a product, you will notice that the url currently looks similar to this: www.mysite.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=48 . This keyword isn’t search engine friendly. If we set the SEO keyword to something like this-product-and-some-keywords then the url will of that product will look like this www.mysite.com/this-product-and-some-keywords . Google picks up keywords in the url so write a short url (under 5 words split by hyphens. Letters, number and hyphens only is best. No spaces) that contains keywords that relate to the product. Words that people are likely to search for.

Q) Where do I get weight codes?

I assume you mean a field like “parcelforce 48 rates” that has text in it like “10:15.99,12:19.99,14:20.99,16:21.99,18:21”. If so then you just write them yourself. Each entry is split by a comma with no spaces. If the price to post a 10Kg item is £30.45 then you would write 10:30.45 .