Web analytics, such as Google analytics, provides us with a reasonable view of who is visiting websites and how they are finding and navigating to those websites. However, let’s say you know from your own web analytics that you had 1,000 visitors to your website in March, do you know who they were and more importantly are you using this information to stay in-touch with them (or the modern term are you nurturing?).

One of the simplest ways to obtain details of who is visiting your website is to have attractive assets and content on your site that the viewer is asked to enter personal details (e.g. their email) to view or access the asset. Registration forms are commonly used as ‘gates’ to the access of certain high value assets and content. According to a study by Demandbase in 2011, called the National Website Demand Generation Study and published by EConsultancy in their B2B Internet Statistics Compendium in February 2013:

68% of business-to-business companies have five or more fields on their web registration forms.

Registration Forms

Source: Demandbase 2011 National Website Demand Generation Study

Typically the top four areas captured on registration forms are email address, company name and address, industry, and company size. The specific percentages are as detailed above with, as you would expect, email is the main detail captured (you would struggle to contact customers and prospects without this). At the same time as capturing this information it is also important to obtain permission to make contact.

If you aren’t currently capturing this kind of information or securing permission to make such contact Scorchsoft can help you establish appropriate registration forms. Why not act now and give us a call and start to capture some of the details of those who are visiting your website.

Once you know who is visiting your website how are you currently staying in-touch with customers and prospects alike? Why not also take a look at Scorchsoft’s blog entry titled ‘Staying in-touch with Customers and Prospects’.

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