We love and use BaseCamp on a daily basis without our team to manage projects and productivity, but we also do a great deal of white-label work for our partners. Working within multiple basecamp installations can quite frankly become a mess.

So, here is how to use basecamp efficiently under multiple identities.

  1. for this I'm going to assume you have an @customername email address that you would like to be visible under for projects with that customer. If you don't then step 1 is to get one!

  2. Ensure you have one email address that you use to log into basecamp with. You need to be invited to other peoples basecamp projects using this email. So for example if my client is CustX and he adds me as a user into their system then they must add me using this standard email address.

  3. Once basecamp sees you have multiple accounts associated to one email address it will give you the option to choose an account on login. Once selected a black bar will appear at the top of your browser that will allow you to change between these accounts.

  4. Once in navigate to Me > My Basecamp Settings > My Email Address.
    basecamp example
    This lets you change where emails go to for the basecamp account you are currently on. I.e. any clients on this basecamp account will see this email address and NOT your login email address. This is where you change your identity

  5. An optional extra step but ask your client to set up email forwarders from your @customername into your default email account. This way you won't miss any notifications coming in.

Voilla, multi identity use of BaseCamp in a way where resource management can still be maintained properly. Simply repeat these steps with the other members of your team to create that desired multi-identity working environment.