Achieving desired go-to-market results

All too often new products, services and solutions fall short and fail to meet business expectations. Time to revenue is much longer than the business plan predicts. Consistent and optimal approaches to go-to-market launches can help you achieve your desired results. You invest in developing a new product or service to achieve a desired revenue stream; successful go-to-market is a critical part of that developments investment but all too often is neglected. Scorchsoft's go-to-market service is aimed at supporting you in creating and executing the strategies and plans to achieve go-to-market success.

Our service:

We work with you and/or your nominated stakeholders to create and implement an optimal and consistent approach to go-to-market launches helping you to achieve your business aims for each and every launch.  We can also help execute and create the deliverables in support of the market launch plan.

Service aims:

To help you:

  • Categorise your go-to-markets (i.e. minor, moderate, major, strategic).
  • Identify the optimal sales and market kit for each category to consistently achieve time-and-time again launch success.
  • Create a typical launch plan for each go-to-market category.
  • Agree and document your go-to-market process.
  • Support the creation of your specific go-to-market deliverables.
  • Help you put in-place a review process that maintains focus until the desired results are achieved.

Go-to-market success - components:

Scorchsoft will discuss and agree with you which of the following components will typically be used and be part of your strategic, major, moderate or minor market launches.  Scorchsoft will help create the process and methodology to achieve consistency and can work closely with you to deliver the required individual components to support any specific market launch.

  • Defining content and launch process for strategic, major, moderate and minor launches
  • Creating supporting checklists
  • Getting ready for the launch:
    • Target markets
    • Value creation and messaging (See our Value Creation service)
    • Focus group feedback
    • Launch plan creation
    • Target business results
    • Asset and collateral creation
    • Media schedule planning
  • Building pre-launch desire and excitement
  • The launch:
  • Ensuring arrival and desired targets are hit:
    • Iteration planning
    • Agreeing milestone review points
    • Defining early success measures
    • Obtaining early customer feedback
  • Learning and preparing for the next launch