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Build Performing Channels

Build Performing Channels

Build enabled, progressive and performing channels

It goes without saying that the performance of your channels to market (direct, indirect and ecommerce) will determine your business success. However, it is all too common that your sales personnel and your channel partners aren’t working to their full potential; all too often they aren't aware, motivated, trained, convinced or equipped to deliver desired results. Also you may be finding that the whole environment that your channel partners are operating within isn't progressive or motivating them to grow and deliver the very best results. 

Ensuring your sales people and your partner channels are fully enabled and operating within a structured, motivational and progressive partner program that embraces the latest web solutions can significantly improve business results.

  • Enabled personnel better represent your brand and products and are likely to be more successful at each and every stage of the sales process generating and converting more business while also reducing miss-selling costs.
  • Well considered and structured partner programs will reward and secure your top channel partners while motivating other channels to aspire to higher levels within the program; so as to obtain the corresponding program benefits and in doing so win more business for you. A partner program will lay the foundation for a mutually beneficial business partnership establishing clarity of what is expected from channels and the benefits that channels can enjoy by achieving the requirements of each partner program level.
  • Online technologies are critical to supporting successful enablement and partner programs. Whether this is simply providing a partner portal for access to partner assets or providing integration solutions for such items as lead tracking or order placement. 

Scorchsoft works with you to develop and execute strategies that acquire, on-board and enable high performing channels within a motivational and progressive structured environment.

Our service

We work with you to create and implement a channel strategy and action plan that achieves your commercial and strategic business objectives. This will consider your current and future customers and the performance of your current channels in maximising business, today and tomorrow, from your target customers. We will help you create a highly motivational and progressive channel acquisition and partner development environment where your partners are fully aware, motivated, trained, convinced and equipped to deliver real results. Our Maximising business through partners paper provides more detail on the focus of our approach.    

Service aims:

To help you:

  • Assess your current and future channel partner strategy and landscape (including direct, indirect and ecommerce channels).
  • Develop a plan that helps you achieve your desired growth objectives.
  • Implement plans and actions to enable your sales teams and channel partners to maximising their results for your business.
  • Create and implement a sales and channel enablement program.
  • Create and implement a motivational and progressive channel partner program.
  • Offer a range of leading web based products and solutions that help you manage and grow partner business. 

Building Performing Channels - Service Components

Scorchsoft will discuss and agree with you which of the following components will be required to help you realise your strategy of building performing sales, partner and ecommerce channels. Scorchsoft will work closely with you to deliver the agreed required components.

  • Partner relationship management
  • Partner communication
  • Partner portal with shared partner services based upon entitlement
  • Partner social media applications
  • Partner advisory boards
  • Partner events and exhibitions
  • Partner incentive programs
  • Channel and Sales training
  • Competency certification
  • Partner accreditation
  • Tiered partner program structure
  • Partner program and joint branding
  • Partner asset and collateral creation
  • Closed loop partner processes
  • Partner recognition programs
  • Point of sale marketing and merchandising
  • Sales promotions
  • Joint marketing campaigns and programs
  • Joint partner channel marketing plans
  • 80/20 partner planning
  • Co-operative business funding
  • Lead generation programs
  • Lead allocation and transfer processes
  • Sales and partner lead handling
  • Use of social media partner communities
  • Partner sales and marketing kits
  • Partner research.

Scorchsoft has a range of marketing services where we specialise in supporting companies who sell products, services and solutions through channels to market be that direct, indirect partner or ecommerce channels. We combine leading practices and partner technologies to maximise channel partner performance.

Partner technologies and web solutions

Partner technologies are critical to supporting successful enablement and partner programs. Scorchsoft’s partner technology solutions include such items as:

  • Providing well-structured and easy access to quality content through a device agnostic responsive, content managed, web partner portal.
  • Linking portal content and services through to channel partners’ own websites and through to their end-customers (commonly content and services can be modified to include the partners own branding). Examples of common portal hosted services that can be made available for all channel partners include:
  • Partners can simply choose or deselect the services that they wish to utilise. Alternatively, if you wish to mandate services this is an option too.
  • Partner portal integration with sales, services and transactional systems. For example, partners’ providing feedback on sales leads and forecasts, placing sales orders and tracking order status.

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Consistently enable performing sales reps and channel partners:

Working with you we will create the plan and actions necessary to consistently enable your sales reps and channel partners so that they are truly enabled to deliver results.

Building a progressive, motivated and performing partner program:

Working with you to assess the best options and to create your plan to implement a new, or to build upon an existing, channel partner program. Achieving high performing channel partners that operate within an appropriate structured, progressive and motivational partner environment helping you achieve results.

Either options starts from £3,775 + VAT

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  • Helping you develop your partner marketing strategy.
  • Achieve sales growth through enablement and structured partner programs
  • Leaverage web to link partner sales, marketing and relationship management.
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