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Strategy Formation

Strategy Formation

Create your vision, strategy and plans

Our service:

We work with you and your nominated stakeholders to facilitate and productively produce, using proven practices and methodologies, your vision, 3 year strategic plan, your annual plan and supporting action plans.

We can also carry-out strategic reviews of specific divisions, business units, brands or products producing go-to-market, growth and exit plans.

Service aim:

  • To help you:
    • Understand relatively to your competitors where your business currently is.
    • Scope where you want your business to be.
    • Define the plans, resources, actions and review process to achieve success.

The outputs you can expect:

  • Defined company mission and vision.
  • Documented 3 year strategic plan.
  • Documented overall company annual plan.
  • Documented suggested action and resourcing plans.
  • Recommended progress review process to ensure success.
  • Suggestions to maintain an ongoing strategic development process.

The approach:

The approach will be discussed and tailored to your exact needs, aligning with the overall effort and time investment you wish to make to the process. Scorchsoft Marketing Services can facilitate the creation through to taking on the responsibility to document the above outputs on your behalf to help maximise your organisations productivity.

Project duration:

Typically between 40 and 80 days depending upon the detail of the output you would like to obtain from the process.

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