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Articulate value, create engaging messaging

Using proven practices and methodologies working with you to assess your differentiated value, documenting your value propositions and turning them into powerful consistent messaging that delivers real results.

Our service:

We work with you and your nominated stakeholders to facilitate, produce and document your company’s, division’s, brands’, business units and products’ value propositions for your target customers, channel partners and key decision groups.

Service aim:

To help you:

  • Reflect on your different target customers and prospects needs
  • Identify your unique value in meeting these different needs
  • Document your value propositions so they are consistently used by all
  • Identify your proof points and how these are clearly demonstrable to your targets
  • Take your value proposition and create compelling and engaging messaging
  • To illustrate how this messaging is used consistently across your marketing mix to compel action.

The outputs you can expect:

  • Identify the needs of your various target audiences
  • Documented value propositions for each of your agreed target audiences
  • Identification of your key messages for each target audience
  • Guidance on how this should be used in company messaging and across the entire marketing mix.

The approach:

The approach will be discussed and tailored to your exact needs, aligning with the overall effort and time investment you wish to make to the process. Scorchsoft can facilitate the creation of a single value proposition, through to taking on the full responsibility to facilitate and document, working with your key nominated stakeholders for each key business area, the above outputs on your behalf to help maximise organisational productivity.

Project duration:

Typically 3 days for each individual documented value proposition and key messaging.

Try our 3-day starter service:

Create or sharpen your value propositions and messaging

Scorchsoft Marketing Services, using proven practices and methodologies, will help you create your differentiated value propositions and associated messaging. Maybe this is for a new product’s propositions for the different influencers and decision makers within the sales process or maybe for an existing brand or product where the messaging and targeting needs sharpening.

£2,250 + VAT

Example of capturing the value:

Value Prop Image

Create or sharpen your value proposition/s and messaging

From £2,250 + VAT

Using proven practices and methodologies we help you create your differentiated value proposition/s and associated messaging.

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