We strive to run our business in a moral, efficient and honest manner.

Scorchsoft Ltd aims to:

  1. Engage in continuous development of all areas of the business.
  2. Reduce paper printing by storing as much as possible in digital formats.
  3. To only engage with responsible practices.
  4. Checking the credibility and sustainability of those who we do business with.
  5. To have honesty and integrity play a key role in all operations.
  6. To keep transparency of processes.
  7. To keep confidential information confidential.
  8. To where possible, use energy saving assets (e.g. bulbs).
  9. Consider sustainability when purchasing goods and services.
  10. To stive to be resource efficient, extending to being as 'green' as possible.
  11. Comply with legal and other requirements.
  12. Ensure business continuity is resillient by having appropriate backups and fallback plans to key operational functions and data.