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Scorchsoft specialises in building Mobile App, Online Portal and Software as a Service projects. Here are examples of our work.

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Dragonfly Security Intelligence & Analysis Service App

The Dragonfly SIAS app provides comprehensive intelligence reports on global events and risks, features a 'Flashpoints Calendar' of significant events, and offers recorded briefing sessions as podcasts.

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Supplier Portal - WSH Supply Chain Procurement Portal

The Supplier Search Tool for Westbury Street Holdings (WSH) streamlines supplier discovery. This tool allows users to easily search for approved suppliers by location and various criteria, enhancing the efficiency and reliability of finding trusted suppliers.

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Image Approvals Platform (App and SaaS Portal)

Image Approvals is designed to make managing talent photo kill rights easier, with customers coming from the film and TV production industries. Upload & share images, manage approvals, & export contact sheets.

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Mosaic Masterpieces App

The Mosaic Masterpieces app is for art lovers to dive into the world of the artist, learn about their creative process, view and buy their artworks. The app also allows users to communicate with the artist directly, join a waiting list for their favourite pieces, and easily make purchases.

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Loyalty Program Mobile App (Live Like Loyalty)

Live Like Loyalty provides employee rewards for independent businesses to boost local economies. Their subscription-based system allows businesses to offer rewards to employees and advertise their own offers. The company sought a fresh, user-friendly mobile application.

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MODL App & Portal (Modelling Industry)

MODL app makes the process of finding and booking professional agency-represented models faster, more transparent, and cost-effective. MODL is a disruptive marketplace technology for the modelling industry.

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PBJUMPS Jump Training App

A highly customised strength and conditioning program that uses science to train athletes how to jump higher. VolleyScience applies sports science techniques and information to help volleyball athletes to achieve exceptional results.

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Foreign Ministry of Oman App

The Foreign Ministry of Oman Mobile app is designed to enhance travel experiences and ensure the safety and well-being of Omani citizens abroad and visitors to Oman. The app allows users to locate the nearest Omani embassy easily, provides important news updates, and offers push notifications for urgent alerts.

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BICSc Cleaning Audit Mobile and Tablet App

The British Institute of Cleaning Science commissioned this handy app to allow their auditors to conduct remote testing and accreditation activities across the country, benefiting from in-app capabilities such as offline data saving and synchronisation.

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Prescription and Order Management Web App

Jade-Euro-Med Ltd. (JEM), a leading national supplier of body-worn continence supplies for both public and private healthcare industries, sought our expertise to upgrade their systems. Their existing system, essential for managing orders, customer accounts, and auditing, was becoming outdated and incompatible with modern hardware and software. JEM needed a more reliable and future-proof solution to prevent potential system failures

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Astrid GDPR Web App & SaaS Portal

Astrid helps small businesses to protect personal data and meet GDPR requirements. The portal makes it easy for customers to navigate the complex regulations, showing them what to do.

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iStumble Care Sector App

The iStumble app is designed for health care workers and carers of the elderly, working to prevent unnecessary ambulance call-outs for falls. These accidents can be life-threatening for older patients but they can also be completely harmless, and knowing the difference between the two is critical.

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SCERT Education App

SCERT is an app designed to allow children from Less Economically Developed Countries (LEDCs) to take a reasoning test that doesn't depend on reading skills. By using non-language-based questions, SCERT ensures that more children worldwide have access to fair and inclusive testing.

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Interactive Learning Portal (Education Web App)

Engage Lime, a provider of educational resources for schools, sought to expand their mobile app offerings by developing a web app. The new Interactive Learning Portal simplifies the distribution of in-app content and enhances control over content access rights. This platform allows teachers to access teaching resources more efficiently, supporting Engage Lime's mission to provide valuable educational aids.

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Match Making Dating App

It is a unique mobile dating app where users control what they reveal about themselves. The Dating Group aims to promote self-confidence and body confidence and empower users to take control of how much they reveal of themselves when dating through their unique face-revealing process.

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Feedback 4 Validation Case Study (Healthcare)

Feedback4Validation is a mobile and desktop compatible web application designed for the healthcare industry. The portal functions as a questionnaire tool, allowing doctors to easily gain feedback from their patients after they’ve had an appointment. It simplifies the process and makes it much easier for both the patient to give feedback and for the doctor to assess and manage it.

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