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Scorchsoft specialises in building Mobile App, Online Portal and Software as a Service projects. Here are examples of our work.

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Collect My Waste App and Website

From glass recycling to food waste, Collect My Waste is an app and website that makes getting rid of rubbish easier. Customers can create an account, scheduling waste removal for dates that suit them and hiring skips.

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Venues of Excellence Website & Portal

The Venues of Excellence website offers a wide range of specialist venues for events, conferences, and training. The website blends easy to navigate membership and venue search with informative blog and news platforms to create an engaging and practical site with sleek design.

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Coni Judge Online Coaching and Mentoring Services

The Coni Judge website is designed to attract introverts in leadership roles (particularly women), who need help to thrive in a world that celebrates extroverts. With a number of services, from one-to-one coaching to event speaking, the site shows users what’s on offer and why they might need it.

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Flourish education recruitment website [Case study]

The Flourish Education recruitment website has already removed a lot of manual processes, freeing up both schools, candidates and internal employees time.

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Netcall Case Study

Built to modern design standards, responsive, filterable resource centre, hosted video. Netcall is a great demonstration of an Enterprise-standard website bordering on a web application.

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Fluence web app suite

The Fluence website takes an intuitive approach to sub branding and brand architecture. Fluence have different sub brands within the business that seamlessly link into one main website.

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Corporate Wolves website

Corporate Wolves looks great and feel great. It is mobile friendly, easy to administer, and really sells itself on use of imagery. See how we helped this big brand to shine.

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LORENTZ Solar ROI calculator app

With per-partner customisation, website integration scripts and intelligent algorithms this web application has more to it than meets the surface.

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