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We've been developing successful web and mobile application projects since 2010, and we specialise in delivering solutions that solve unusual or complex business problems. Below you will find examples of previous projects we have worked on, focussing mainly on web-based projects as we are often restricted on what we can publicise due to much of our work being under a non-disclosure agreement. 

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PBJUMPS app case study

PBJUMPS jump training app

A highly customised strength and conditioning program that uses science to train athletes how to jump higher. VolleyScience applies sports science techniques and information to help volleyball athletes to achieve exceptional results.

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MODL mobile app [Case study]

MODL model booking app

MODL app makes the process of finding and booking professional agency-represented models faster, more transparent, and cost-effective. MODL is a disruptive marketplace technology for the modelling industry.

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Binding Site Immunologicals [Case study]

Binding Site product catalogue website

Managing hundreds of products and 50 different search filters the Immunologicals website is easy to use and can be updated in seconds at the click of a button within a spreadsheet.

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Astrid GDPR web app and portal

Astrid GDPR web app and portal

Astrid helps small businesses to protect personal data and meet GDPR requirements. The portal makes it easy for customers to navigate the complex regulations, showing them what to do.

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Flourish education recruitment website [Case study]

Flourish education recruitment website

The Flourish Education recruitment website has already removed a lot of manual processes, freeing up both schools, candidates and internal employees time.

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Netcall Case Study [Case study]

Netcall website & online tools

Built to modern design standards, responsive, filterable resource centre, hosted video. Netcall is a great demonstration of an Enterprise-standard website bordering on a web application.

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Fluence web app suite [Case study]

Fluence web applications

The Fluence website takes an intuitive approach to sub branding and brand architecture. Fluence have different sub brands within the business that seamlessly link into one main website.

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Corporate Wolves website [Case study]

Corporate Wolves website

Corporate Wolves looks great and feel great. It is mobile friendly, easy to administer, and really sells itself on use of imagery. See how we helped this big brand to shine.

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LORENTZ Solar ROI calculator app [Case study]

LORENTZ Solar ROI calculator app

With per-partner customisation, website integration scripts and intelligent algorithms this web application has more to it than meets the surface.

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MJR Morgan - learning management system [Case study]

MJR Morgan LMS

The learning management system web built for MJR Morgan allows them to deliver HTML5 eLearning courses online for completion on desktop or tablets.

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