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The BSEEN Programme is an entrepreneurship incentive led by Aston University and coordinated across the three main universities in Birmingham: The University of Birmingham, Aston University and Birmingham City University.

The objective of the website is to encourage mentors and participants on the program to get involved in spreading the word about the scheme and their own businesses. With every participant having their own account and profile on the system the new site gives them an excellent first platform to start promoting themselves in a way that has visibility but that also lends credibility.

The BSEEN website is responsive, meaning its design has been
optimised for mobile devices.

This site was built using the Wordpress content management system. We used this because we wanted to be able to take advantage of its mature blogging features to support users having multiple levels of account permission and publishing entitlements.


This case study demonstrates: attractive, informative, content managed, wordpress, portal

Admins and participant users can engage with and update this websites content themselves.

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