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Chance 2 Dance Live

In the first month of launching Chance2Dance's online systems the site has facilitated for the successful sale of 1300 e-Tickets for their show at the Birmingham Hippodrome on the 1st March 2013. Hippodrome staff were extremely impressed by the system which allowed tickets to be presented digitally or on a print out. The show was a huge success and ticket processing pushed ahead without a hitch.

Chance 2 Dance Live

Seating plan drawing

In running lots of shows at a range of venues, the seating plan drawer is just one way that we enabled the client to take control. They can number seats, apply lables and colour code areas. In addition keyboard shortcuts have been put in place to make editing as seemless as possible.

Chance 2 Dance Live

Advance emailing tools

Email is the primary way that Chance2Dance communicate with their performers and customers. The bespoke emailing tool web built enables to to define custom filters to conrol who and why emails are set. For example they may want to email all performers who are yet to by X tickets to remind them.

Chance 2 Dance Live

eTicket purchasing and creation

By implementing a custom eTicketing system the client was able to eliminated ticket printing costs. This small change saves £1500 - £3000 in printing and postage costs per show. In addition tickets can be electronically validated via our system.

Chance 2 Dance Live

Comprehensive admin tools

The site comes will a range of admin tools and user areas depending upon various entitlements. It is both a portal for managing customers and handling various business logistics. For example, the "Quick Find" tool searches through every neccessary piece of data associated with tickets in order to make it as simple as possible to find a clients ticket details on the day of a show.

Chance 2 Dance Live

Content managed

The web application also facilitates as an content management system. This allows Chance2Dance to administer page copy, images and information. By having these tools available they are able to make changes to the site quickly and easily without having to come back to use for every minor update.

Chance 2 Dance Live

Partner management tools

Chance2Dance have a very unique structure of managing users. There are many levels of hierachy and permission that are all managed within the system. For example, school accounts are able to adminster the students that they teach and see relevant statistics such as the number of tickets they have purchased.

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