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Policy Tracker

Donor tracker is a bit like Reuters in that it is a major source of news and information relating to investor donations. The site deals with not only the presenting of these micro-news feeds but also the aggregation and display of fairly complex graphs relating to the data around them.

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Graph and report dashboard

We enhanced the site by implementing web application functionality to allow graphs and reports to be added to a dashboard by each user. This could then be retrieved later or exported for use in official reports. This feature became a shopping basket for interactive content (without the payment process).

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Social sharing integration

With the site having thousands of dynamically generated pages integrating social feeds was more complex that normal. We implemented bespoke scripts to scan dynamic areas of the site for socially relevant content and add the respective social sharing icons where relevant.

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Simple adding to basket

It was important to have the simplest possible process of storing and downloading graphs and reports. Our web app development enables any graph or item of donor information to be added into a saved selection / basked by the simple click of a button. This may sound simple but the graphs were dynamicly generate which involved lots of advance scripting and integration work.

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PDF and Powerpoint exporting

Once the basket is populated we built new modules for the site to enable the users selection to be output as an aggregated PDF or Microsoft Powerpoint file. The goal here being to maximise both user experience and engagement.

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Plaintext archive for SEO

As so much of the site was dynamically generated we found it was also invisible to search engines. To combat this we implemented both RSS feeds and a plain text archive of tracker posts to ensure that all of their content could be found.

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Viewing, managing and storing graphs was a big part of this project, is it a big part of yours?

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