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Linx-com online catalogue [Case study]

product filters screenshot

Advanced search and category filters

With several hundred products across a range of different categories it was important that the Linx-com online catalogue gave its visitors lots of easy to use ways of finding what they are looking for. We achieved this by implementing a simple search A-Z listing and categorization system.

Mobile responsive

The Linx-com site has been optimised for mobile and tablet devices. All of the back-end functions of the site have been built and configured in a way that ensures all content added works on a wide range of different devices.

automatically watermarks website images

Automatic watermarking

On their previous site Linx-com had issues with people stealing their images, originally to combat this they would manually process every image to add a watermark to it. The new system we put in place allows them to upload unprocessed images and have a watermark automatically applied. This has already saved significant amounts of admin time.

Simple to use content management system

The Modx content management system we have configured to drive the website makes it easy for administrators to find and structure their products and pages within the site. Products can simply be dragged and dropped into their relevant location and the site automatically updates itself accordingly.

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