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LORENTZ Solar ROI calculator app [Case study]

With nearly a thousand partners across the Globe, our friends at LORENTZ needed an easy to use tool that allows each of these partners to sell the benefits of solar powered pumps over the diesel equivalents. It may seem simple but with different pump and solar panel number needed depending upon factors such as the amount of water pumped and varying solar irradiation this tool is surprisingly complex under the surface.

What is even more intelligent is that this tool integrates directly with LORENTZ partner management system partnerNET. As a result each LORENTZ partner is able to apply their branding to their own instance of the tool and embed it into their website with ease.

Soon the solar vs diesel tool is to be extended to generate leads for partners that will then be fed into their internal systems so that thay are easy to follow up.

This tool is an excellent example of how web applications when employed correctly can:

  • Support the businesses sales process.
  • Generate new business leads.
  • Communicate the benefits of seemingly complex product configurations.
  • Empower a sales driven organisation.
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