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Time recording portal

Time recording portal stage image

Montitor planned v.s. actual time spent

When managing multiple projects across multiple developers it is important that expectations are visible, always. By having a process in place where actual time is always compared against estimate you can ensure project estimation is accurate and be able to spot any inefficiencies in process.

Simple project selection area

Simple project selection

Bloated tools mean tools that take time and resource to use. We wanted the time tracker to be super simple to switch between projects. With time tracker you can jump between different projects from a single drop down list at the top of each page.

Tracking within a team

The tool has been built to enable management of multiple users working on a single project at the same time. Each line item has an owner and each owner can only modify their own time recordings even though everyone can see them.

itemised time recording entries

Itemised by nature

It is useful to know where time is spent. By itemising it as you go along there is no room for made up figures or hidden productivity problems.

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