We are a team of highly competent developers meaning we are experienced in solving unusual or unique problems and requirements.

Bespoke web development makes things possible.

  • Deliver cost savings by automating a process.
  • Develop a module for your existing website to enable lead generation.
  • Develop a tool to engage and communicate to your customers.
  • Build functionality that enables a new business model.

Our Approach

There are normally a few ways of handling a project once you know what the requirements are:

  • Find an existing system that meets most of the requirements, make compromises but reduce development time.
  • Build a bespoke system from scratch and nail every requirement that budget allows.
  • Or a mixture between the two.

Our bespoke development service involves discussing your requirements, evaluating the options and deciding which of these approaches is best for you. It is normally a case of balancing budget, requirement priority, delivery time and project scale.

Bespoke project process

For bespoke projects our process is normally as follows:

  • Initial consultation.
  • Outline requirements.
  • Formulate project approach (scale of this depends on scale of project).
  • Schedule.
  • Implement.
  • Test.
  • Maintain and Support.
  • Itteratively develop and extend the system.

For smaller projects we try to keep this process lean to avoid increasing budget due to having extra admin time. On larger projects this process becomes really important to ensure that there are no errors in communication and that the project is delivered not just in line with the specification but with your vision too.


We also have web systems that allows new issues, features and project versions to be managed quickly and effectively. With every change request plotted on JIRA as and when it's raised this gives you visual feedback as to the progress and positioning of your project. Achievements can be tracked and unlike email it is less likely that actionable correspondance will be lost.

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