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Mobile (responsive) Websites

Mobile (responsive) Websites

Smartphone and tablet usage is growing at an alarming rate. We can help you ensure that your website is optimised for mobile both visually and strategically.

What's possible

  • Make an existing website "responsive" so that it scales down to fit mobile devices.
  • Create a mobile web app that works offline and can look like an app icon on an iPhone's home screen.
  • Delivery targeted messaging and content depending upon the user's device.
  • Use online swipe and touch gestures to control website elements.

The need for responsive mobile websites is growing

Even though 40% of the adult population have Smartphones and 68% use them to surf the web many companies still don’t have mobile or responsive websites that allow access from any device in any location.

  • A mobile website is specifically designed for viewing on a mobile device; such as a Smartphone, Android Tablet, IPhone or IPad.
  • A responsive website is exactly that in that it recognises and responds to the specific device the user accesses your website with and responds to present your website appropriately.

Scorchsoft can provide you with mobile and responsive website design.

A short responsive demo

Why not see the power of responsive mobile web design right now! Have a go at resizing your browser screen to see it's effectiveness:

We think responsiveness is great. Why not see our responsive portfolio

do you need a responsive website eguide download - desktop image
do you need a responsive website eguide download - tablet image
do you need a responsive website eguide download - mobile image

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