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Digital strategy implementation

Digital strategy implementation

In 2016 two trillion pounds of the UK’s business was done on the web, up by 50% on 2010!

We work with you to create innovative digital web solutions enabling marketing, sales and service strategies and processes using the latest website and web technologies.

Our approach

We enable you to leverage your website, online tools and apps to drive the success factor in your marketing, sales, service and customer support strategies.

With a solid development team, expert technical knowledge and a focus on business success we help you to translate your business objectives into a real, viable web solution. We know that the commercial success of your project is what matters the most and can help you to take not only the best project approach, but the optimum approach for your budget too.

Before putting in a strategy in place we first look at what you are trying to achieve. For example: How will you measure success? Where do you expect traffic to come from? What tools / features does the website need to cater for?

By understanding your needs and values we are able to implement the most appropriate approach for our project and respective budget.

Core web development capabilities

At scorchsoft we are able to work with a range of web technologies and content managment systems including (but not limited to):

  • Bespoke web programming (PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript / jQuery)
  • PHP frameworks (PHP, Yii, CodeIgniter etc).
  • Open source content management systems (Wordpress, Modx, Drupal, etc).
  • Cross-platform smart-phone app development using PhoneGap.

If this sounds like double-dutch, don't worry. It doesn't matter if you are computer savvy or not, we remove the jargon and talk in terms that match your technical capabilities.

Possible Solutions

There are a range of things you can look to achieve using the web. For example:

  • Introduce a new revenue stream with a web/cloud enabled sales and marketing process.
  • Develop a stunning website or ecommerce platform.
  • Create web/cloud based customer service and support processes.
  • Create a web based product or service that can be sold monthly (software as a service).
  • Produce sales benefit advertising, marketing and sales tools.
  • Create process automation tools; marketing sales, service and support.
  • Develop online sales, marketing and service calculators.
  • Introduce email marketing applications.
  • Automate processes including lead generation and lead nurturing.
  • Create tools that are optimised for use on Smartphones and tablets.

Want some inspiration? Why not explore our portfolio.

What next?

Whether you know exactly what you want already or need your idea to develop further, it would be great if we can to talk about it with you. Why not send us an email or call us on 0121 4690009.

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