Systems integration work normally represents a very high return on investment.

Relatively low amounts of development cost can save tens of thousands of pounds annually and limits the risk of human errors.

Web systems integration explained

Systems integration is the process of getting two different systems to talk to each other. The value of doing this can be astonishing:

  • Save hundreds of admin hours every month.
  • Ensures integrity of data flows between systems by eliminating user error.
  • Allows immediate and automated actions to be taken on certain events.
  • Can create unique selling points if your clients are able to work with you more seemlessly as a result.

Systems integration examples

Examples of effective systems integration:

  • Automate your marketing by getting your different tools to work together.
  • Pushing website enquiries directly into your customer relationship management system (CRM).
  • Populate your site with content from a range of different sources.
  • Allow your online order system or ecommerse site to integrate with your ERP system to remove administration overhead.
  • Allow a remote device to send data to a cloud server and process the data in some way.

The eureka moment

A common point of realisation that systems integration is needed is the moment that a person is doing a repetitive task. Repetition normally means automation is possible.

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