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Training and Documentation

Training and Documentation

Our training ensures that your staff and stakeholders can adopt and use a new website or web system as quickly and easily as possible.

When should I consider training?

If you have had a website or a web system created then there is nearly always a need for you to be able to understand how to use it. There are a few options to getting you up to scratch:

  • Face to face training.
    Very personal and in-depth, though once completed things may be forgotten over time.
  • Documentation.
    Can cover as little or as much of a system as you like. Great as it becomes a business asset that can be provided to new employees. The downside is that these can be time consuming to create or users may not be motivated to read lots of documentation.
  • Video training.
    Very easy to get to grips with and to schedule time to as staff can allot a set window of time that reflects the duration of the video. This isn't always appropriate to everyone's learning styles. Training videos are relatively cheap to produce but if a system changes over time then they may need to be re-created based upon the new interface/features.


  • Ensure staff productivity.
  • Reduce administration errors.
  • Removes technical frustrations.
  • Ensures quality of business process.

Putting the right training in place should save your business time and money. It isn't an exact science so it is always worth having a discussion before choosing a particular option or set of options.

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