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Web applications

What is an HTML5 web application?

A web application is essentially an interactive tool, application or system that is accessible anywhere in the world via a web browser. The HTML5 aspect of a web application normally describes the technology used to deliver the flashy/interactive features of the web application. Here at Scorchsoft we build using a range of technologies including HTML5, Javascript and PHP, but we don't need you to know this, the important thing is that they are built to hit your business goals.


The first part of any project is to first understand what it is that you are aiming to achieve. It may be a certain number of leads per month, reducing administration time by automating a process or looking to introduce a new business model that needs some online element to make it work. By understanding your goals we can position a strategy for the web app that will align with them.

It's crucial that we understand your motivations. Though project specifications are always drawn up, simple and regular communication ensures that if assumptions need to be made that they are more likely to be in line with your own expectations. For this reason, the first meeting with us will normally involve some open discussion about your business model and goals. If you have already scoped out your requirements then that is great, if not then we can help you with that too.

Potential web application approaches

Web applications can range from seemingly small tools to complex business applications. Why not consider:

  • Introducing a new revenue stream.
  • Creating a web-based product or service that can be sold monthly (software as a service).
  • Online sales and advertising tools.
  • Process automation tools.
  • Online calculators.
  • Email marketing applications.
  • Marketing automation and lead generation.
  • Tools optimised for use on smart phones.

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