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Website Hosting

Our fast and secure UK servers ensure your website loads fast and supports the latest technologies.

Will I need Web Hosting?

Almost certainly yes. If you have a website or web application in production then it needs a place to live on the internet. Hosting is essentially the computer and/or the network of computers that a website sits on. There are several routes to getting hosting including purchasing cheap shared hosting packages. However, we would always recommend that you consider hosting with us, and here's why...

Why Scorchsoft web-hosting?

  • Technology Support
    We manage and maintain our own servers. This means we have the control and ability to install things onto it as and when we need. This means you aren't so restricted as to the technologies that your website can use. If you were on a cheap shared hosting package then we may hit restrictions in how it can be used.
  • Managed
    We know our servers and what they are capable of. Using our servers can reduce initial setup time of a project. Think of it as cooking in your own kitchen vs. at someone elses house. You know what ingredients and tools you have available to yourself to get the job done quickly.
  • Scalable
    Our hosting environment sits on a VMware cloud infrastructure. Cutting the jargon, this means we can instantly and dynamically increase the power and resources that our hosting environment uses.
  • Backed up
    We have premium backup options available that incrementally back up your website/application and its database to another secure location. This doesn't just give piece of mind that your data won't be lost if the worst happened but it also allows us to more quickly get at and restore your data. Most hosting offers backup options but these are normally backups of the whole server image meaning more common minor data loss (such as being deleted due to user error) become a nightmare to recover. Remember to consider the speed of recovery of any backup process that you buy into.
  • Secure
    Not only do we sit on secure firewall but we are also able to provide SSL encryption for your website. This means that any communication between your users web browser and your website are securely encrypted.

Using scorchsoft hosting

We are able to help whether you have a new project with us or whether you want to move your website to our business hosting environment. We are able to migrate websites, email and domain names, all we will need from you is some login details to wherer the hosting/domain currently lives. What's more we promise to be responsible with how we handle and move your data.

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