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We develop database solutions for Apps an Online Portals. Support for AWS, Asure and Google Cloud. Experienced team of UK database developers, working with both SQL and NoSQL approaches.

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At Scorchsoft, we specialise in crafting bespoke database solutions tailored for both mobile applications and online portals. Our experienced team supports a variety of platforms, including AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, employing advanced SQL and NoSQL techniques to meet the unique needs of your project. Whether you're developing new technology or upgrading existing systems, our goal is to provide a robust database architecture that scales seamlessly with your business.

Understanding the importance of database design in application success, we ensure that every solution is planned to support both immediate needs and future growth. Our approach integrates front-end and back-end development with strategic database structuring, aiming to minimise rework and enhance operational efficiency as your requirements evolve.

With Scorchsoft, centralise your data in a transformative move from spreadsheets to advanced database systems that improve consistency, reduce errors, and enable scalability. Embrace the digital economy's demands with cloud-based solutions that ensure flexibility and accessibility, preparing your business for future technological integrations and expansions.

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Centralise your data in a database

The transition from spreadsheets to a centralised database represents more than just an upgrade; it is a transformational shift that signifies the evolution of your business processes. Although spreadsheets are initially efficient for managing small datasets and straightforward operations, they soon reach their limitations as your business scales.

They become unwieldy, error-prone, and difficult to manage, particularly when multiple stakeholders are involved. Adopting a centralised database addresses these challenges by establishing a robust framework for data consistency, quality control, and scalability. This solid foundation is essential, as it ensures your operations can grow in complexity and size without compromising the integrity or efficiency of your processes.

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Create the perfect Data Structure

Cloud databases provide unmatched flexibility, scalability, and accessibility. Whether you aim to develop database-driven portals or applications, the cloud environment offers a seamless and efficient method for managing your data infrastructure. This strategy supports your immediate business needs and establishes a foundation for future growth and integration with emerging technologies.

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Import your data or integrate it with other services.

The art and science of database design are critical in ensuring the long-term viability and performance of your data management system. By adopting relational and normalised structures, you ensure that your data is organised logically, with entities and relationships accurately modelled. This meticulous approach reduces redundancy, improves data integrity, and enhances retrieval efficiency. Furthermore, for scenarios dealing with vast, unstructured datasets, NoSQL databases present a flexible alternative, allowing you to manage large volumes of data that don't fit neatly into traditional relational schemas.

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Well-designed and easy-to-use user interfaces

One of the most significant advantages of modern database systems is their ability to integrate with existing applications and services. This interoperability is crucial for automating data flows and updating processes in real time. By migrating legacy data and enabling seamless integration, your business can achieve a higher level of operational efficiency. Automation reduces manual data entry, minimises errors, and frees your team to focus on strategic tasks, thus amplifying productivity and innovation.

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Ready to transform your data management strategy and drive your business forward?

Contact Scorchsoft today to discuss how we can tailor our services to meet your unique needs and objectives. Our experts are on hand to provide insights, offer solutions, and guide you through every step of your digital evolution journey.


Frequently Asked Questions

What types of database development services do you offer?

We offer a wide range of database development services, including support for SQL databases such as MariaDB, PostgreSQL, and MySQL, as well as NoSQL services like MongoDB. We also provide advanced cloud hosting solutions with DynamoDB within Amazon Web Services. Whether you need a custom backend for a newly created database or maintenance and enhancements for existing databases, our team is equipped to integrate additional technologies as needed.

What is the difference between SQL and NoSQL databases, and which one is right for me?

SQL databases are structured to handle complex queries and are ideal for applications that require transactional integrity and complex relationship mapping. NoSQL databases offer flexibility for large volumes of unstructured data and are best suited for rapid growth and non-relational data structures. The choice between SQL and NoSQL depends on your specific data requirements and application needs.

How can migrating to a cloud database benefit my business?

Migrating your database to the cloud enables the operation of a data warehouse, which serves as a central repository for your information. This centralisation is crucial for driving functionalities across your various systems, whether they be apps, portals, or software-as-a-service products. Our role can extend to acting as middleware, ensuring cohesion and seamless integration among your systems.

What is the difference between SQL and NoSQL databases, and which one is right for me?

SQL databases are structured to handle complex queries and are ideal for applications that require transactional integrity and complex relationship mapping. NoSQL databases offer flexibility for large volumes of unstructured data and are best suited for rapid growth and non-relational data structures. The choice between SQL and NoSQL depends on your specific data requirements and application needs.

How do you ensure the scalability of a database solution?

We ensure scalability through a variety of solutions tailored to your data needs. For smaller data volumes with high access rates, we might implement Redis caching, which enhances performance by storing data in memory. For larger data sets, we employ techniques like data segmentation into lakes or hybrid database systems combining SQL and NoSQL benefits to suit your specific challenges. Our team is ready to consult with you to determine the best configuration for your needs.

Can you help with data migration from an existing system?

Yes, we provide data migration services from existing systems to new cloud databases. This includes transferring data from spreadsheets or other database systems, ensuring data integrity, and configuring the new system for optimal performance and compatibility.

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Scorchsoft are expert app and portal developers based in the UK. We have over 14 years experience making rich, functionally complex apps and web apps.

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ChatGPT & AI App Development Services
ChatGPT App Development (AI Apps)

Integrate ChatGPT into your business with Scorchsoft's AI app development. Enhance capabilities, automation, and personalisation with AI tools like GPT, Bard, and Claude.

Mobile App Development
Mobile App Development (iOS and Android)

Launch a new tech product, improve performance, enable new marketing strategies or introduce new revenue streams.

Portal and SaaS Web App Development Services
Portal and SaaS Web App Development

Engage your customers by developing unique services, and internal processes, that differentiate your business from the competition.

API Development & Integration
API and Systems Integration

Automate manually processes and enable your various systems to talk to each other. Integrate with third party API's to innovate and deliver results.

Internet of Things (IoT) App Development
Internet of Things (IoT, MQTT, Web Services, Apps)

Make your business smarter, more effective, and incredibly responsive with the Internet of Things (IoT and MQTT). As long as a device has WiFi capabilities, you can use it to drive your business forward and improve everyday processes.

In-App Payment Development
Online Pay & In-App Payments

There are now billions of online shoppers around the world and they’ve all got money to spend. Make sure you’re not missing out on potential customers by setting up online and in-app payments.

Cloud Database Development Services
Database Development (SQL & NoSQL)

Store business information in a database structure that supports both project requirements and infrastructure growth. Load balanced databases that support high user numbers and big data.

Single Sign-On Development (SSO)
Single Sign-On (SSO)

Develop bespoke apps and online portals that support your organisation's single sign-on technology. Boost your user experience, save time coordinating accounts between different services, and deliver a cohesive experience between your cloud services.

Google Maps App Development
Map Apps

Track the location of devices and users, display location-based metrics, and business analytics using digital maps.

Video Streaming App Development
Video Capabilities (Calls & Streaming)

Businesses are becoming increasingly global, making remote operation a necessity if you want to grow. By enabling online video calls you your staff, and your customers can carry out work from anywhere in the world.

Penetration Testing Services
Penetration Testing Services

Identify, assess, and mitigate vulnerabilities in your digital infrastructure before attackers can exploit them.

Remote Device Control and Monitoring
Remote Monitoring and Device Control

Send data to the cloud from anywhere in the world. Track devices or services remotely via the web, or mobile applications.

User Experience (UX) Design and Planning
Planning, Discovery, Wireframing & Specifications

Through a detailed specification and visual blueprints of your site or app, you can make sure we’re on the right track.

Data Dashboards for Apps & Portals
Reporting, Charts & Graphs

Record and represent your data online or in-app. Attractive and easy to understand graphs that are accessible across multiple devices.

Instant Messaging
Instant Messaging

Keep connected like never before with instant messaging. You can reach staff, existing customers, and potential clients with ease and customise your tools to suit their needs.

PDF Generation (For Apps, Web apps, and Online Portal)
PDF Generation

Automatically generate documents and resources on-the-fly. Customise by user data, language preference, branding, and more.

Convert Your Spreadsheet to an App (Spreadsheet to App Development Services)
Spreadsheet to App Conversion

Convert your spreadsheet into a fully-functional web or mobile application. Or, use spreadsheets as your data source, sending data to your server, app, or website, at the click of a button.

Online Partner Portals
Partner portals

Manage partners and sales agents whilst enabling bespoke operational requirements. Oversee hierarchies of stakeholders, business units or partner companies.

Data Encryption
Data Encryption

Keep yourself protected with our encryptions services. Have you secured your data? If not, you’re leaving yourself open to hackers who can attack your systems and steal your data.

Quick Quote Apps and Return On Investment (ROI) Apps
ROI and Quoting Apps

Improve conversion rates by showing customers your financial value quickly. Generate leads that contain useful customer metrics to improve sales performance.

Marketing automation
Marketing automation

Automatically email users based on events within your systems or websites. Give users a lead score, and customise responses to nurture and convert.

Multi-site management
Multi-site management

For businesses that have multiple brands, entities or franchises. Manage multiple sites, and businesses, within a single login portal.

Electronic tickets (eTickets) apps and integrations
Electronic tickets (eTickets)

Run your own box office and eliminate ticket printing and postage costs by digitising your tickets. Ticket delivery via your website, email or smartphone.

Website Design (With Complex Requirements)
Website design (For Complex Projects)

Great looking websites, tailored to your brand guidelines. Designs that are optimised based on user behaviour, with the goal of increasing conversions, or encouraging certain behaviours.

Mobile-friendly web app design
Mobile-friendly web app design

Web app design that looks and feels great on mobile, tablet and desktop devices. Increase conversions by optimising messaging and calls to action based on screen size, and user habits.

eCommerce apps and platforms

Websites and apps that allow your customers to transact with you online. Sell products, or generate recurring revenue by implementing a subscription payment model.

Project Management Planning Services (For Tech Projects, Apps, and Portals)
Project Planning, Expertise, and Advice

Every successful project starts with a plan. We’ll work together to create yours, making detailed specifications that outline what you want.

Online Login Portal Development Services
Online Login Portals

Portals with user login, groups, ownership levels, permissions and entitlements. Control your processes while encouraging user engagement.

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