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Mobile app development

The motivation to create a mobile app can come from many places. You may be an established company looking to modernise an existing process, introduce a new product, or you could be a startup looking to create a brand new app-based business akin to the likes of Uber. Either way, you know you need an app. You want it to look great, be easy to use, and work the way that you need it to, often integrating with a range of tools and systems. 

We understand that the app that you want is probably different to anything we have made before, so we're going to need to spend some time to listen to you, and understand what's important. Once we get to grips with what you want, we can give you a ballpark figure to build the app, help you to scope out the project, and finally provide a fixed-price quotation. We use the latest app development frameworks on the market, to deliver your product to as many platforms possible at the best price.

Bespoke web application benefits

Here are some benefits to using us to implement a bespoke mobile app for your business:

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Multi-platform (iOS, Android, web, etc)

When we develop mobile apps we use a set of frameworks that allow us to develop once and deploy the app (through the app stores) to both Android and iOS without needing to re-write from scratch. This can significantly reduce the development cost compared to developing the app for each device independently. There are some trade-offs in doing this though for most projects we feel it represents the best return on investment. Unsure? Get in touch and we can talk you through it.

Part mobile, part cloud

One option to enable you to have greater control of your application is to develop some of the admin tools within an online dashboard. For example, you may want to add user accounts that relate to each app or store data submitted from the app in a way that can be accessible from anywhere. By taking this approach you open up the ability for your application to communicate and integrate with other tools and online services.

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Introduce new marketing avenues

Why not create an app with the objective of building a large user base? Once achieved push notifications can become a great way to reach and market to your client base in a targeted and unobtrusive manner. Having an app to give out to leads can be a great high-value offering as part of your sales process.

Improve engagement

Apps can be a great way to present offers, drive business processes or provide a saleable tool to your end customer. Often you will be aiming to improve operations, marketing or introduce new revenue streams through the app. Either way, the benefits of having an app is clear: It makes your offering more accessible and easy to use.

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Cheaper hardware costs

An app can be a great way of reducing your hardware costs. By developing an app to manage your operations your staff could be working off of modern tablets and smartphones as opposed to vendor-specific till and PDA input devices. Updates are much easier to deploy compared with traditional desktop or PDA software via the app stores.

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