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Penetration testing, or pen testing, is a critical security practice designed to identify, assess, and mitigate vulnerabilities in your digital infrastructure before attackers can exploit them. By simulating real-world cyber attacks under controlled conditions, Scorchsoft's penetration testing services reveal how a hacker might gain unauthorised access to your systems, data, or applications. This proactive approach is essential for maintaining robust security in an increasingly digital world.

At Scorchsoft, our penetration testing process is thorough and methodical, aligning with industry best practices to ensure comprehensive coverage of your digital assets. Starting with a pre-assessment phase to understand your environment and objectives, we then move to the testing phase, where our certified experts employ a variety of techniques to uncover vulnerabilities. The process concludes with a detailed report and debriefing session, offering actionable insights and recommendations for improvement.

The approach we follow is known in the industry as Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST), which is a penetration test approach that involves running specialist security tools that attempt to find vulnerabilities and exploits in your system. 

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Understanding Your Security Posture

By assessing the effectiveness of your current security measures against potential threats, we offer valuable insights into how you can enhance your defences, reduce risk, and ensure that your business and customer data remain secure.

Running a penetration test allows you to find and fix security issues early, preventing them reaching the live environment. 

Example checks included: SQL injection; Broken Authentication; Sensitive data exposure; Broken Access control; Security misconfiguration; Cross Site Scripting (XSS); Insecure Deserialization; Components with known vulnerabilities; Missing security headers; and more.


Example list of penetration testing vulnerabilities identified

The Benefits of Regular Pen Testing

Regular penetration testing is not just a best practice; it's a necessity in the fast-evolving landscape of cyber threats. It helps businesses stay ahead of potential security breaches by continuously identifying and addressing vulnerabilities. Furthermore, regular testing demonstrates to stakeholders and customers your commitment to security, building trust and confidence in your brand.

We can run one-off pen tests for you, such as at the start of a release, or we can build regular pen-testing into your post-project support and maintenance arrangement with us.

 a visually engaging scene where cybersecurity experts are analysing a holographic display of a software application. This hologram vividly highlights various cybersecurity vulnerabilities such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), broken authentication, and insecure direct object references, depicted as distinct, glowing fissures or weak points within the digital structure. The experts, equipped with futuristic tools, are pinpointing and marking these vulnerabilities for further investigation, simulating real-world cyber attacks. This image captures the critical and thorough process of vulnerability assessment in penetration testing, aiming to secure the application from potential cyber threats. The setting is professional and high-tech, with a focus on detail and precision in identifying and addressing security risks.

Vulnerability Assessment

Our penetration tests comprehensively assess your app for a wide range of vulnerabilities, from the most common to the most obscure. We look for issues like SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), broken authentication, and insecure direct object references, among others. This thorough assessment ensures no stone is left unturned in securing your application against attackers.

We aim to simulate real-world attacks to provide an assessment of your app's vulnerabilities. This approach allows us to not only identify what could be exploited but also to gauge the potential impact of an attack on your business, helping you prioritise remediation efforts based on real-world risk scenarios.

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Post-test Remediation

Our penetration testing services are designed to enhance your cybersecurity defences by providing a clear roadmap for remediation. Following a test, we offer detailed recommendations for fixing identified vulnerabilities, strengthening your security posture, and protecting your business from future attacks. Our goal is to ensure that your digital assets are fortified against evolving cyber threats.

For example, each vulnerability is assigned a priority and a possible course of action to remediate. We can then systematically address issues identified to make your platform more robust.

an abstract concept where the central theme is compliance and regulatory assurance in the realm of cybersecurity, without focusing on a command centre or specific action scenes. Picture a balanced composition of symbolic elements that represent different aspects of compliance, such as GDPR and PCI DSS, along with the broader theme of cybersecurity. In this scene, imagine a series of interconnected, translucent spheres, each one encapsulating an icon or symbol related to a specific regulation or standard, floating against a backdrop of digital networks and binary code streams.

Compliance and Regulatory Assurance

Penetration testing can also play a key role in ensuring compliance with industry regulations and standards. By identifying vulnerabilities and demonstrating a commitment to security, our services can help you meet regulatory requirements, avoid potential fines, and protect your reputation. Whether you're concerned about GDPR, PCI DSS, or other regulations, we can tailor our testing to meet your compliance needs.

However, please be aware that the nature of the DAST Penetration test that we run is not CREST-certified. This is because we have found the provision of this certification to be cost-prohibitive to run regularly for many of our customers. However, if you require a CREST Pen Test, please let us know and we can recommend a partner who can help with this.

If you're ready to take the next step in safeguarding your business, enhancing your cybersecurity defences, and ensuring compliance, Scorchsoft is here to help. Let's work together to protect your reputation, avoid potential fines, and secure a competitive edge in your industry.

Contact Scorchsoft today, and let's discuss how we can support your cybersecurity and compliance efforts.

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